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Hi peeps! I know, I know, I've been a bit on the lazy side of reviewing lately but life, it does happen. I am still accepting Review R...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review Request: Where I'll Be Waiting by Monika De Giorgi

Where I'll Be Waiting

Facing your fears, inner demons, friendship and a love to dream of.

Jesse meets a wonderful guy who is caring, attentive, lovable, and handsome to boot. Unfortunately, the only time he sees Cameron is in his dreams—dreams that are never flimsy and fast forgotten in the morning, but feel very real. And the longer they go on, the more palpable they feel to Jesse.

But what happens when these dreams have a bigger and bigger impact on Jesse’s daily life? When they begin to take a toll on him and make it harder to wake up every day? And what if they turn into nightmares and Jesse can’t get out anymore, if he never wakes up?

One day Cameron finds a heartbreaking poem in a small notebook, hidden in a used book. From the first time he reads it, the handwritten words resonate somewhere deep within him and when he goes to sleep that night, he meets Jesse for the first time—a sad young man who makes Cam want to give him reasons to smile and a shoulder to cry on. From that night on, Jesse is a nightly visitor in Cameron’s dreams.

But what happens when Cameron finds out that his Jesse is very much real? And what if a sinister presence takes hold of their shared dreams and Cameron wakes up? Can he get back to Jesse? Or will Jesse stay back forever in this dreamscape turned nightmare?

Review Request: Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha (Blue Moon #3) by A.E. Via

Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha (Blue Moon #3)


Book 2 is recommended to read first. 

It’s been a couple years since Commander John Marion – the US Navy’s most decorated SEAL – hung up his dog tags, choosing his cherished Alpha over war.

Call and Alpha have settled comfortably into their carefree lives nestled in the mountains of South Carolina. No more combat for the Commander and no more ordered killings for the deadliest assassin in the world.

However, nothing stays peaceful forever.

When Alpha’s brother Omega comes to their secluded home with a distressing message from their Order, Alpha has to answer the call. But what neither of them expect is for the Order to send them a new assassin, one just as deadly as both of them, to seek their counsel and bring them back Persia.

Lion’s commanding presence was not at all what any of them anticipated. Especially Omega. Lion realizes what Omega is to him right away, but the stubborn man fights his every advance. Lion knows he and Omega have to connect if they’re going to be victorious. He was sent to bring back an army but if he can’t get his cherished to yield to him, they are sure to fail.

Call refuses to let Alpha fight a gang of rebel assassins without him. Omega will fight by his brother’s side, no matter what… and Hawk saw them coming for his help before anyone else. Together they’ll fight the toughest opponents they’ve ever faced. As always… these badass warriors are up for the challenge.

This book ends in an HEA and does not end in a cliffhanger.
This book contains graphic violence

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Currently Open for minimum number of Review Requests Only!

Hi peeps!

I know, I know, I've been a bit on the lazy side of reviewing lately but life, it does happen. I am still accepting Review Requests but am staying off blog tours for now. What with Amazon doing this and that and that and this, it's difficult when they take down reviews from those posted during a blog tour. To help the authors, it's simpler to only accept Review Requests which will not be labeled as an ARC provided by either publisher or author. This is a move on my part to guarantee the reviews for books stay where they are.

So for now, it's review requests only and no blog tours. Giveaways, that's different and can be open to discussion.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Gothic Romance by L.V. #Gay #Historical #Romance

Gothic Romance
Published July 27th 2016

"It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. Wild gusts of wind threatened to tip them over every so often and the coachman gripped the reins even more tightly, swearing under his breath. Rain beat frantically against the windows as Jonathan peered out, hoping to catch a glimpse of Castle Blackstone, the place that would be his home for the next six years..."
When Jonathan Winters accepts a post as tutor to the only son of Lord D’Anvers, he looks forward to sharing his love of learning with his young pupil. Not even arriving at Castle Blackstone in the middle of a thunderstorm can dampen his enthusiasm, nor the fact that the wing above his head is forbidden.Absorbed with Evelyn’s education, Jonathan is completely unprepared to find himself the object of Lord D’Anvers’ attentions.Until D’Anvers kisses him...
A Gay Historical Romance 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: Hard Climate (Men of London #8) by Susan Mac Nicol

Hard Climate (Men of London #8)Published June 21st 2016 by Boroughs Publishing Group

The past has a way of shaping your future, and for Eco Warrior Mango Manning, if he can’t shake yesterday’s demons, there’s no hope of a tomorrow with London nightclub owner, Ryan Bishop.
Eco-warrior Mango Manning must shake the demons of his past to win back London nightclub owner Ryan Bishop, who is suddenly facing issues of his own. 
Brawny, beautiful, complicated and sexy as hell, eco-warrior Mango Manning is everything performer and London nightclub owner Ryan Bishop wants in a life-partner. But Mango has been loving and leaving Ryan for the past two years, and Ryan’s had enough. That’s why he’s moving on. Ryan’s the monogamous type—which means now he’ll be alone at the worst possible time. 
Mango Manning knows he’s screwed up and has commitment issues. That’s why he’s been so on-and-off with Ryan these past two years. He’d thought he found a safe haven, a place to hide from the losses of his past, but there are other demons you just can’t escape. Like Ryan’s health. If Mango is to put things right, he must man up and discover a way back into Club Delish and the heart of its owner. Only then can they look to the future together, come what may. True happiness will slip through their fingers...unless they both grab on and hold tight. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: Not a Game (Friends #1) by Cardeno C.

Not a Game (Friends, #1)
Published July 15th 2016 by The Romance Authors, LLC


An accidental meeting and a misunderstanding lead to a life-altering connection.
A new job, a new city, and hopefully a new life. When chubby gamer Oliver Barnaby receives a job offer from the best boutique game developer in the country, he leaves his family and his less than spectacular existence in Oklahoma without a second’s hesitation. Determined to change more than his career and his geography, Oliver implements a plan to finally land a boyfriend. Step one is improving his skills in the bedroom.
A life that looks perfect on paper, but feels empty in reality. Attractive, successful, charismatic Jaime Snow has a life other people envy. His already booming business is growing. He isn’t lacking in friends. And he has no trouble finding a date. But there’s an emptiness in Jaime’s heart and a hole in his life that only the right man can fill.
An accidental meeting, a misunderstanding, and falling in love. When Oliver and Jaime end up at the same bar at the same time, they each see something they want in the other. Going to bed together that first night is easy. Building the lifetime relationship they both desperately crave will require trust, time, and a little misunderstanding.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: The Reluctant Alpha: Ranch to Market Chronicles, Book 1 by Nya Rawlyns

The Reluctant Alpha: Ranch to Market Chronicles, Book 1 by [Rawlyns, Nya]

When the enemy you face is the one you least expect... 

It’s going to take a reluctant alpha, a gang of misfits, a prairie load of mistakes, Boyz from the Hood, and a visitor who’s not what he seems to face down a powerful adversary when the day of reckoning is nigh. 

Coy Carruthers never asked to be alpha. He’s not cut out for it. No one is arguing, especially his uncle’s clan. With the odds stacked against him, Coy’s going to have to step up or step away when things go sideways. 

The thing is… when it's all over but the shouting, why is he still screaming? 

Coy’s Boy Toy is paranormal gay fiction, utilizing adult language and adult situations, and is intended solely for adult audiences. 
Novella Word Count: 47300 
Originally published as Coy's Boy Toy 
Read book 2, Alpha Framed, available soon.