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Review System

-Scientificalizing Our Review System

How do we scientificalise (hehe, new word!) our highly unscientific method of grading the books we read?

This blog reviews quite a mixture of genres from General Fiction to Literary to the Naughties like MM books and some MF erotic books. So yeah, we do read a lot and whatever we read, if we love it we recommend, if we hate it, we warn. Our reactions are our initial reactions during the read and after it.

That said, there is a method to our admitted madness. The stars we award depend on how much certain things affect us:

1. WRITING STYLE/TECHNIQUE. Word choice, grammar, and writing style are foremost for us. 

2. RELATIVITY. We like something if we feel we could actually be one of the characters or if some incident happened to us personally or to someone we know. 

3. PREDICTABILITY. If we know what the ending is going to be or how the plot twists, urgh. We prefer to be surprised. However, there are some formulaic books that are just downright great reads that this method may be tossed out.

4. DEVELOPMENT. Both character and plot developments are a huge factor when we rate the books. If the development of either of these things are unsatisfying, it could drop half a star or even a whole star off the rating. 

5. PULL. If we can't put the book down or better, dream of the story... oh yeah. That's our winner. 

6. IT FACTOR. We read and reread a wide range of books and our favourites vary from Greek poetry and drama to Shakespearean comedies (no kidding, I and Ramona are true geeks - Elle tries to deny it but we know a secret!) to classic and modern sci-fi/fantasy, cookbooks, agriculture, survival skills, design and arts, romance (MM and MF), erotica, and history. While these are all different, they have a certain appeal (for us) that will ensure they'll be in our library fifty years from now - and we'll still be reading them. 
  • Included in this factor are the authors themselves. We have our obvious favorites but we never close the doors for the new ones or the unfamiliar. Some of the best reads we've had are the unfamiliar and new authors who just surprise the heck out of us.

IF a book can fulfill all these for us, it gets 5 stars. We are tough critics (Ah-ah-ah-ahem!) but we also appreciate how much tougher it is to be an author who essentially place their hearts and souls out there for everyone else to see, read and take potshots at. 

We do some writing ourselves but we don't have the guts these authors have to share it nor the patience they have when they go through the endless editing and re-editing just to get out that perfect book! For that, we salute the authors! Our critiques are honest and the seeming anomaly of 1 Star is honest as well. 


Light and Short Read - the highest rate for these books are a 4 Stars which is an equivalent to a 5 Stars really. So don't be sad, it means a lot to us to read something short & light that leaves quite an impact. These may not necessarily be freebies, but if they are? Well, the four stars mean an absolute recommended read. 

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Have you seen our new Recommended by Multitaskingmomma badge? This wonderful badge was created, once more, by my daughter who also created my avatar for both here and my FB Page.  As you can see from what is written, it really does not matter how high or how low the rating is. We will recommend a read no matter what. For example: a review may be given a rating of three stars or even two stars but the badge may still be placed. This simply means that even if we personally do not like the topic of the story, if it is written well and it addresses a reader market that go for it, and it reads well, the badge may be placed there. 

Update 10/7/2014: My one purple badge sort of confused some readers and complained. One in particular refused to let up until I changed something. Sigh, the things I do for friends. OK. Here are the new badges, actually the same, just color coded.

Gold: When the (5 of  5 Stars) 5 Takes Effect
Purple: Ratings 4 & 5

Bronze: Ratings 3 and 3.5

Cooked Up By: Ramona and multitaskingmomma

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