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HI! multitaskingmomma here.

Someone suggested that we should have an About Us/Contact page, so here it is. (You just don't know how many drafts were done to write this page before we finally settled on something we both agreed on)

WHO WE ARE......

multitaskingmomma, that's me, is a doctor's wife, a mother to two daughters, housewife, freelancer, blogger, pack leader to 5 dogs, cook and  I read books about anything and everything, as long as they capture my imagination. However, while it's mostly MM books these days, I can never refuse a great read. I am generally in charge of all LGBTQ books, no matter the category. I read memoirs, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, etcetera. 

Ray (multitaskingpoppa) is a gay man who came out in the seventies and is a prolific reader.  He likes the Donald Strachey books by Richard Stevenson as well as Mary Renault's books. Like so may gay men who came out in the early seventies, he read the books of Gordon Merrick, and was thrilled when "The Front Runner" by Patricia Nell Warren came out. He now lives with his long-time partner and is a retired professional. 

Giles West earned his degree in English Literature and there is nothing he likes better than to dissect a good story.  A good story should be well written, have memorable characters, and a plot that draws in the reader and immerses them into a world similar yet different than their own.  Sometimes very different.  Originality is always a plus.  Giles believes a truly great book is one that can be savored like a fine wine.  The taste of its sweet flavor should linger long after partaking of its goodness.  As a reviewer he believes in honesty above all else in order to fairly advise and guide both readers and writers.

Fadia PierreFadia Pierre I am a middle aged human who loves to live outside  "the box".  When I'm not working or taking care of my family, I could be found enthralled in book.

Technically, we are all homemakers, what with our kids and hubbies we need to feed and bring up. 

We are the ~multitaskingmommas~ and ~poppas~. Although technically, I am momma and Ray and Giles are poppas. And yes, we have to multitask a lot, hence the name.


We review books and sometimes we ramble about our frustrations, but we really just review books and make recommendations to friends and family. We will spare the viewers of this page our attempts to post our secret recipes that have made not only our hubbies heavyweight eaters, but our seven dogs and solo spoiled brat cat, too. Hmmm, did we miss out on the kids???

We accept LGBTQ (MM) books no matter the sub-categoryScience Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, etcetera...

EXCEPT!!! ZOMBIES. Sorry, we just don't do dead meat.  

How To Contact Us...

To join a tour or simply promote your book:

Send us an  email to mmbookloverhere@gmail.com . We promise to respond as soon as we can. 

For a Review Request, please fill out the form below: 

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You may also contact us directly if you have other questions other than what we mentioned here.