Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: After the End by Alex Kidwell

After the EndAfter the End by Alex Kidwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

JellyMonster recommended this book to me last night and I could not put it down - despite knowing that I would probably cry my eyes out to the point where I would empty my tear ducts. She did warn me!

This was so beautifully written, from the deep grief that Quinn was trapped in to the point where he has an epiphany that jerks him out of the endless pit into a fulfilling relationship with Brady - someone who is alive and living. Someone whom Quinn realizes would get him to live again.

Quinn has a great support group in the form of his BFFs, wife and wife Tracy and Anna. There right by his side through thick and thin and arranging the blind date with Brady. There is Winston the cat. I kept imagining Garfield here but I would like to make a quick guess that this cat is the combined persona of Starsky and Hutch, the felines in the life of the author. The antics of the cat, from his barfing on the rug right next to the bed to his begging for bacon from everyone, trying to make people believe he was being starved, was hysterical.

And then there was Brady - the epitome of a loving partner who is not only talented as an Event Planner but apparently a whiz in the kitchen. Not only is he a hunky hottie, he is also patient and very understanding. Now why can't we have these types of men in our lives? I mean in real life? Sure, I know there are some out there, but Brady was just perfect.

And then of course, there was Aaron, the deceased partner of Quinn who was there right and in-your-face throughout the book, lurking in the background, but is impossible not to love as well. No, spoiler alert, Aaron is not a ghost. He is right there and present in the life of Quinn and Brady, but in a such a good way and made the relationship between the men even stronger.

Rating this 5 stars was easy, it is just one of those books that I would say is pretty awesome and everyone must read.

Thank you JellyMonster, for recommending this book and making me cry and cry till my eyes are swollen... but crazily enough, my grin has been hurting my facial muscles.

And I am grinning my thanks to this awesome author Alex Kidwell: you wrote this book beautifully.

P.S. My niece sent me this and it just fit this book to a T that I could not help but post it here:


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