Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Claiming Lauren by Emily Ryan-Davis

Claiming LaurenClaiming Lauren by Emily Ryan-Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am not really into BDSM books, but honestly? This was pretty good and surprisingly? I did like it.

The Blurb:

**Erotic romance short story, 10,000 words**

One night should have been enough.

Twenty-seven-year-old Lauren Brant is the perfect society wife. She hosts dinners for her husband's colleagues. She attends charity functions. She's entirely appropriate...except for her clawing need to submit to a man she knows only as Master.

Unable to deny her cravings, she arranges to meet Master. No names, no faces, nothing but submission and sensation. Except it isn't enough. Even before the night ends, Lauren needs more.

But "more" isn't part of the arrangement and she returns to her polished life only to discover her estranged husband has come home. After five years of being invisible to Jacob Brant, Lauren doesn't know what to do with him. He, however, knows exactly what to do with her...

My Thoughts

I am not really one for BDSM, well not normally, but there are some that drives my curiosity and seeing this offered for a free read in exchange of a review, I could not resist the temptation.

There are no regrets.

There was an actual plot and character development here! This is something that really surprised me. I must confess that I have a pre-set notion to short stories that are erotica and nature and this one did fit that criteria.

Thankfully, Claiming Lauren gave more than the usual and I am now curious about the following book - well, at least I got the impression that this was just the beginning.

Is this a teaser? I hope so...

"Return to eXclave in April 2013
Lauren's submission was just the beginning."

  Borrowed from Netgalley.

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