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Review: Golden by Sean Michael (Originally Posted: March 3, 2013)

GoldenGolden by Sean Michael
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why did I pick up this book? Two reasons:
1. It's Sean Michael, and
2. The book cover model swimmer's back.

Four years ago, after winning Olympic medals gold, Justin retired from swimming, and he’s been floundering ever since. For years swimming was everything, but his Coach waved him off once he’d retired. The Fourth of July finds him contemplating doing something stupid, so Justin calls up Coach. To his surprise, Chris answers.

When Justin retired, Chris cut all ties with the swimmer he’d fallen in love with, wanting to make sure that Justin didn’t stay with him as a lover just because it was the easy thing. He’s been waiting for a long time for Justin to come back to him, so when Justin calls, he immediately offers to let Justin back into his life, and into his arms.

When he finds out that Justin is lost, drowning in a pool of self-doubt and the belief that his happy years are behind him, Chris realizes maybe he made a mistake letting go so suddenly. He brings Justin to his home, and gives in to the urges they’d ignored for a long time. Now Chris can love Justin, give him rules and structure that Justin needs. As long as he can convince Justin that it’s really love. Can Justin and Chris put the last four years behind them and find themselves a golden moment?

Can I ask for more? Will there be more?

This was a well written book (I mean, it is a Sean Michael! Hello!) although I must be honest enough to admit that there was too much erotica going on and I wanted more character development.

This is a typical older man-younger man relationship where the older man is the typical "older/father-figure" who knew just what to do with his boy. There is some BDSM, although those who live the lifestyle would probably cringe at the way it is portrayed or even call the BDSM slant as "amateurish."

But that is all beside the point.

Justin is obviously someone who needs guidance, as he had been guided for most of his life by Chris or Coach, as Justin cannot seem to call him anything but. Coach is literally his life coach as well as his swimming coach. (Need I add his sex coach?)

Their relationship seemed solid enough at the beginning and it got even stronger once they ironed out the real and imagined wrinkles. The only disappointment I had was the ending.

It just ended in a great and romantic, even HEA way.  But it was sort of a cliffhanger ending and I was expecting more chapters or at least a memo from the author that may be there is a second book in the future.

Please, please, please? Can I ask for more?

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