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Review: A Heart's Need by Lacey Denair

A Heart's NeedA Heart's Need by Lacey Denair
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The first time I read Lacey Denair it was for the book The Guardian Pug. Being a Pug lover I immediately grabbed on to it and started reading. One hour later, I felt satisfied and dissatisfied all at the same time. I had hoped, at that time, that the book could have used a little bit more detail as it had a wonderful story line. So when I saw A Heart's Need, I decided to have another look at this writer's work.

A Heart's Need is about werewolf Sheriff Glenn Hewitt who has a son he adores and a job he enjoys, but lives a loveless marriage to a socialite. When Glenn meets his human mate, Chris Lang, he hatches a plan to court his love. He files for divorce and hires Chris to help with the remodeling of his run-down family home.

Chris is studying to become a veterinarian. In his last year of school, he looks forward to the future. Chris dreams of owning a country house, and when he sees Glenn’s, he falls in love with the place.

The two men join forces when someone begins threatening Chris, with Glenn using all his resources to defend his mate. Meanwhile Glenn distracts Chris by working together to save Glenn’s family home, hoping his mate will fall in love with him so they can start their life together and bring the house back to life with the gift of love.

It's a pretty interesting read, especially with the background story of how the house loved the previous inhabitants and how it was waiting for another couple so it could hold it close and protect. The only thing that disappoints me, again, is the lack of details.

The style of Denair is different from other authors out there. She has all the right elements down pat but her tendency to skim over the story kind of gets to disappoint. Don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful story, it is written well and it has the right amount of humor, sex, and angst to keep the story flowing. My only problem is that it feels like she is telling the story like a longer version of a blurb or a really long summary. Compared to The Guardian Pug though, this was better written.

At the end of the day, the one thing important to me, is to read a story that would make me smile and think about it for hours on end. A Heart's Need was successful in doing that. Don't mind my rambling, I really like this book. My only plea is: please more details.

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