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Review: The Kayan's Mage (Hunter Clan #1) by Jess Buffett

The Kayan's Mage (Hunter Clan, #1)The Kayan's Mage by Jess Buffett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The only regret I had was that I waited too long to read this book. This was such a hilarious and fantastic read!

First, here's the blurb:

Sawyer McLeod lost his family and his entire Guild, except his twin, seven years ago. Now almost twenty-one, he is coming to the age to receive his abilities as a Mage. Unfortunately there are others who will stop at nothing to see the brothers don’t survive that long.

When Jake Hunter, Kayan for a Clan of Wolf Shifters living in Australia, finally finds his true-mate, he doesn’t expect it to be in the midst of a brutal attack. Through omissions of truth, misunderstandings, and fear, Jake struggles to prove to Sawyer that he can trust him.

When Sawyer is finally willing to give Jake a chance, a ghost from the past returns to destroy everything they have built together. Will they be able to overcome the foe long thought gone, or will it be the end for the Kayan’s Mage?

What I thought and am still thinking....

The first thing that took my notice was the legend of how the Ashina clan came to be. It was a simple and yet intriguing legend that, in a few short words, the author successfully laid down the ground works of a series. A series that I am now highly anticipating.

The second thing that I took notice of were actually two things: "frak" and the Adam Lambert comment. These cracked me up. Why? Well, I had no problem about the use of "frak" as I am a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, from the original series to the re-upped one. And then I am also a die-hard Glambert. So there you go. That should be self-explanatory.

But going back to the story, I always am on the look-out for well thought-out works and anything that fails does not, for me, deserve attention, unless it is so bad that I just have to vent.

Hunter Clan Series is one well thought-out plot that this new author,  Jess Buffett well deserves a 5 Stars for ingenuity and a character and plot development that can only be seen in a few published authors out there.

One thing I have to mention though: I really, really liked Riley's character. Is it bad of me to say that I liked Riley more than Sawyer? Sawyer was too serious, and Riley's commentaries just entertained me no end.  However, I saw where Sawyer was coming from, he was the "protector" in their relationship and he endured a lot for both of them.

Then there was Jake. For an alpha character, his was one of compassion, pure machismo and sweetness. Jake was a complete surprise.

The Epilogue was a complete TEASER! although I am honestly glad that Riley's book was going to be published soon. I can't wait.

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