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Review: Ollie's Haven (Wolf Haven #2) by Stormy Glenn

Ollie's Haven (Wolf Haven #2)Ollie's Haven by Stormy Glenn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Readers and fans waiting for Ollie's Haven (Wolf Haven #2) by Stormy Glenn will never, ever regret this sequel.

The Blurb

Griffin Gates used to be a Senate Sentry. Now, he’s just a guy along for the ride as a group of people run for their lives and one of them is his mate. If he was an accepted part of the group, it might be different but his former status as a Sentry has kept him standing on the outside looking in—even with his mate.
Ollie Fremont wants nothing to do with Griffin. After spending years locked up so that no one knew his father had given life to an omega wolf, being mated to a Senate Sentry seems like a really screwed up joke. He doesn’t trust Griffin not to betray him to the Senate.

There’s just one small problem…Griffin has already claimed Ollie.

The happy review...

I read Heir Of The Wolf That Bit You just two days ago after I saw that ~♥ Elle ♥~ gave it a 4 stars. Although I was not happy with the title of the first installment itself, it still did not detract me from actually liking the book. It was fun and easy to read, something that can make me relax and it left a great smile on my face. When I saw that Ollie's Haven was going to be released, I was quite happy with the title and that it was about Ollie and Griffin.

This is a story about omega werewolves with a good dash of male pregnancy added into the mix. Some would actually say "Not Again!Isn't this topic exhausted enough?"

Well, Ollie's Haven is about that and more and I must say that it lived up to its promise. It brought Ollie and Griffin together and it also brought in the minor characters who would all have their own books in this series.

Stormy Glenn knows how to make great entertainment for her readers and fans. She is a prolific writer with an unstoppable imagination whose pen (or word processor) cannot seem to keep up with. Best of all, she does not skimp on her writing technique. Neither does she skimp on her plot and character developments. So those readers who come in the middle of the series would not have to holer for a back story, although reading the series as they are written are the best way to enjoy them.

Ollie's Haven is a great relaxation read. It is a fantasy story that leaves readers smiling by the end of the book and anticipating on who or what is going to come up next.

WARNING: Male pregnancy is a theme of this series.

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