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Review: The Reluctant Wag by Mary Costello

The Reluctant WagThe Reluctant Wag by Mary  Costello
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the beginning The Reluctant Wag was painful to read but in the end I really, really liked it.

The Blurb

When model Merise Merrick is asked to star in a campaign for the Yarraside Football Club, she couldn't be less interested. As far as she's concerned, football players are all overpaid jocks with zero intelligence.

AFL captain Cal McCoy is completely dedicated to the game. With a premiership firmly in his sights, he has no time for romantic distractions.The last thing he needs is an inconvenient attraction to the new 'face' of the club.

But Cal soon discovers that staying focused is easier said than done, while Merise finds herself falling for the excitement and power of footy – and its biggest star.

Glamour, sport and fame combine in this irresistible contemporary romance.

Why the pain.....

When I first saw this on Netgalley, I was quite convinced that it was not going to be a challenge to read this one. Come on, its a Destiny Romance release and this should be an easy read, right? NOT!

Well, not for me, in any case. It was the slang that did me in. I had to get in contact with an Australian-based friend and disturb her with all of my questions. She just laughed it off and told me I would be so lost if I did not get the slang understood.

So for the benefit of those who are not familiar with Aussie slang, here are just some that I encountered in this book and their definitions:

* WAG : The wife of an athlete. Eg: footballers wives or girlfriend

* Footy : Australian football

* Barrackers : People who devoutly follow their football teams

* Bogan : Aussie red-necks, or can be compared outback people who are big yuppies

(Please don't strangle me if I got anything wrong. Feel free to correct if any mistakes are made.)

Now that I got that out of the way, thanks to my good friend "R," reading book came on easily, and reading the book was no longer a pain. It turned out to be lots of fun.

Now for the review....

Ok, so it is now quite obvious that this is an Australian-based football/Cinderella/Prince Charming sorta book that is going to end with an HEA. It is an expected plot and an expected ending. Nothing new.

The great thing about this book is that the author, Mary Costello took a lot of time and effort to give her readers the back story of not just the two lovers but of footy itself.

The politics, the media, the back-stories of what goes on behind the games. How miscommunication and the lack of communication can wreck havoc to lives even before any relationship could begin.

She also took time to establish that although these great players are gods on the field, they are just as human as the rest of us: they do get affected by their personal lives and they can bring it on the field - and get ripped by the media and fans whether they deserve it or not.

Merise frustrated me no end. For someone who was training to be a journalist, she sure went up and jumped to conclusions and ended up crying to bed at night. As for Cal, he was a standard leading-man character with lots of charisma, good looks, and alpha maleness. Thankfully and as per expectations, in the end, Merise and Cal turned out okay.

To sum it all up, The Reluctant Wag was a nice and smile-on-your-face-read. It is a great book to take to bed with when relaxation and dreaming happy dreams are the goals.

A word of warning: There is nothing erotic in this book. So for those who are looking for some smut, erotica, or other such plots and twists, you won't find it here.

Note: Review based on ARC sent by Netgalley.

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