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Review: Silent Secrets (Brac Village #2) by Lynn Hagen

Silent Secrets (Brac Village #2)Silent Secrets by Lynn Hagen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great leap from a disappointing first. Lynn Hagen has redeemed herself with Silent Secrets.

The Blurb

Priest Mosley moved to Brac Village to start over. He wanted a quiet place to settle down and start his own business. What he hadn’t expected was Randy. Priest isn’t sure about the small man’s advances, but what catch his interest are the bruises he sees on the man’s body.

Randy Pomell was working his dream job at the local floral shop. But his nightmare wouldn’t go away. His uncle’s abuse was escalating, and Randy didn’t see any way out. When Uncle Fred goes too far and Randy ends up in the hospital, he knows he can’t keep living this way.

Can Randy find a way to break the silence, or will Fred go too far? Priest decides to befriend Randy just to find out who his abuser is, but what he finds leaves him speechless and questioning his very sanity.

Redemption for the Brac Village Series...

I have to be honest and admit that I did not like all of the books in the Brac Pack Series, be they the Brack Pack Series itself or its spin-offs.

When I got the chance to read the first of the Brac Village Series, Sweet Delight, I was terribly disappointed. I was so disappointed, I did not even bother to write a review, I just went ahead and rated it.

This did not stop me from picking up another one for there is one thing that Lynn Hagen is good at: she is one heck of a prolific writer and she has more hits than misses.

I fell in love with both Priest and Randy and it tickled me no end when I saw that this time, a shape-shifter was smaller than their human mate and the mate was a bad-ass of a fighter who was strong enough to actually take on a shifter and use him as a mop and window cleaner. (Note: Priest kicked a$$!) And best of all: Priest may have been the dominant in the relationship but he was a sweet human alpha male.

Silent Secrets is one heck of a HIT!

In this installment, there is an obvious focus on the author's part to pen a character and plot that did not disappoint. In this installment, there was more thought placed on how the whole story was going to evolve. This is what I am looking for in a book, no matter the length in terms of word number or the number of books in a series. If a book is well written, I will give them their just salutes.

After that disappointing first, this second installment has made me anticipate the third of the series: Kissing Reno.

For a more enjoyable read of the Brac Pack series and spin-offs, check out the fantastic Brac Village as seen from the eyes of author, Lynn Hagen.

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