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Review: Taking Eric Home by L.L. Brooks

Taking Eric HomeTaking Eric Home by L.L. Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite the fact that the end startled me and clued me in of a possible sequel, this was a pretty good read.

The Blurb

Living as ambassador and spy took an even more dangerous turn when the king gave Cale a male sex slave to use. The temporary gift isn't because he'd always been open in his sexual preferences. Rumors from a previous mission, branded him a sadistic pervert. Sickened at being expected to torture the man, he assigned himself a more dangerous mission, steal the slave, restore his mind, and when he could communicate again, take home the man he called Eric. Silh, his non-gay assistant he’d hidden his love from for years, volunteered to help. The king sent assassins to kill them and retrieve Eric, the government Cale worked for demanded he take Eric to them for research. With the odds against them, can three men survive the real reason the king demands Eric back and discover if love is gender blind?

Scary Blurb is not that scary...

The blurb, I read from some reviewers, is a bit scary. But then again, what subject about sexual slavery is not? L.L. Brooks managed to gloss over this modern-day issue in this sci-fi take on an impossible situation that maybe has a happy ending.

As can be seen from my comment at the beginning, the end was quite startling and it leaves the readers all wondering what is next? Is there going to be a sequel to Taking Eric Home? How will the characters prevail in their menage relationship? And many more questions that would take too long to spell out here.

Overall, this book was a great read and does leave the readers satisfied in terms of plot and character development. There was also some BDSM mentioned although readers should be Warned that there is are strong references to rape, sexual slavery and forced submission.

I have a lot of questions so I will just ask one more: is there going to be a sequel and if so, when?

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