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Review: A Wild Ride by Andrew Grey

A Wild RideA Wild Ride by Andrew  Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb:

Dante Rivers just lost the rodeo by two one hundredths of a point: he’s frustrated as hell, needs to get laid, and he knows just where to go. That night he meets Ryan Abbott and catches his eye—Ryan watched the rodeo and is still riding high on the rush. The chemistry between them ignites, but Dante, unable to deal with complications, leaves while Ryan’s asleep.

Ryan figures he’ll never see Dante again, but they’re fatefully reunited when Dante’s grandfather, Hy, hires Ryan to help straighten out some old investments. The attraction between Ryan and Dante still sizzles. Sex slowly turns to more, but obstacles abound: Hy’s failing health, Dante’s homophobic sponsor, an attack on Ryan, and Dante’s own struggle with his identity. Any one thing would be enough to separate them permanently… unless they both decide to hang on for the wild ride.

Once again, Andrew Grey deserves a whopping 5 stars!

How this author does it, is the best kept secret. I have not read a single Grey book that I did not absolutely love. Of course, there were times when I absolutely hated him when he makes me reach out for the tissues to dry my tears, then he turns around and makes me love him as a writer when I have to control the giggles. Probably what really gets me is his ability to make me feel, every single time.

Andrew Grey's ability to address the emotions, feelings and fears of his characters is unsurpassed.

Take A Wild Ride as a great sample: two macho men who were hesitant to express their feelings to one another or to their loved ones simply because they thought, or were brought up to think, that expressing feelings of any sort was too "girlie."

How many men in our lives, heck! women included!, are hesitant to express themselves to their loved ones simply because they are scared they may be seen as weak? Somehow, Grey managed to address this conundrum and make "express yourself" look macho!

There are only a few GLBT writers out there whose names on the covers can guarantee pure satisfaction and entertainment, one of them is Andrew Grey. I have never regretted picking up for the first time his Farm Series. Since then, I make sure to get my hands on his books as soon as  I could.

No, I did not cry in this one, there was no reason to. It did get me to think, however, that maybe I can be someone who will not express myself fully to my loved ones for fear of being seen as weak. I will go back to read A Wild Ride again, this time at a slower pace so I can savor it more and probably learn a few lessons on life along the way. Just one other reason why I love this writer's works.

A Wild Ride

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