Thursday, April 11, 2013


I would normally not vent, it is tedious, time consuming and definitely bad for the blood pressure.

To have a blog hacked wherein the result is the loss of all of the hard work, however inconsistent, can be a bit disappointing.

The good news is, all my posts, or most of it, were filed in with Goodreads and it was very easy to simply copy and paste the old posts. However, all those other tales I had, those from when I was young and still starting out in the blogging arena, are now all lost.

The lesson learned here is something I have heard much about, but never experienced: keep a back-up file!

Venting done, back to the grind. And hope to contact my followers, few as they were, that I am still around and blogging whenever I can.

Kisses to all those who supported me, especially R and K. You know who you are my friends.

Of course, I have to say, Thank You and I love you to my supportive hubby who said: If you can create one blog, it is easy to recreate it, losses or not.

 Don't you just love loving husbands?


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