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Review: Chase the Storm by V.M. Waitt

Chase the StormChase the Storm by V.M. Waitt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a lump lodged in my throat. Still.

An emotional read of coming out, coming of age, letting go and learning to love. Chase the Storm is a beautifully written love story that can capture the readers' hearts while they are busy reaching blindly for the box of tissues.

The Blurb....

Up until he buys an old truck, Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan, never feeling like he belongs. Desperate to find his own path, he heads out on the open road, only to end up stranded in Nebraska. Not wanting to ask for his parents’ help, he takes a job with tough, independent farmer Chase McKenzie.

Despite their age gap, the attraction between Chase and Elijah soon becomes undeniable. They give in to their desire, but that night changes everything and threatens the secret Chase guards so carefully.

As the summer heats up, so does their relationship. When autumn arrives, Elijah is due back at college, and he’ll have to choose whether to continue his education and follow in his family’s footsteps… or to stay in Nebraska with the man he loves.

I love my cowboys, and I especially love the older man/younger man romances. Add in the complexity of a deceased lover/husband, and readers will get more than they are prepared for.

Chase's Owen, having died three years prior to the beginning of the story, is a complication that Elijah was unprepared for. The love of Chase for Owen can be overwhelming to the readers at times and can drive them to hate Chase for not being able to let go. It was frustrating that Elijah understood this. I thought for a while he was being a martyr and the author was actually getting us a main character who was ready to lose himself in a one-sided affair.

Chase himself is confused and guilt-ridden over his love for a much younger man. He cannot seem to let go of his Owen and yet cannot keep his hands or heart off Elijah either. There were times when I felt that Chase was just using Elijah as a sexual toy.

And boy! V.M. Waitt can write some hot scenes!

The love story of Chase and Elijah encompasses three years and more. After all that is said and done according to the premise of the blurb, Chase insists that Elijah find his own way and go back to finish college before he makes his final decision to come back and stay. For Chase, this is the only way to guarantee that Elijah would not feel as if he missed out on life. It also has to take Chase these years apart to finally let go of Owen and accept Elijah as part of his life.

At first my reaction to this was a huge sigh of frustration as I thought that the author was trying to make an already complicated story even more complicated.

Strike me wrong on that assumption.

It is the last few chapters, when Elijah literally grows up physically by another inch and that he goes home to Chase older, wiser, and emotionally mature.

It is in these last few chapters did I finally read an honest to goodness happily ever after between the two main characters.


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