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Review: Clove Sutherland (Beyond the Marius Brothers, #7) by Joyee Flynn

Clove Sutherland (Beyond the Marius Brothers, #7)Clove Sutherland by Joyee Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Literally the next chapter to Beyond the Marius Brothers #6, readers will get a quick recount of what happened then, what happens next, and what may happen in Book 8.

It’s always important to Clove to support the people he cares about. So when his lover, Elan, asks for a favor, he agrees… Which leads to them backing up Caven on an interview.

Waiting with the people closest to him for the Alpha his friend Mareo talked him into meeting, Kinkade Wolfram is floored when he smells his mate among them.

Jordy was trying to fit in with his new pack by working for Caven and ends up at Clove’s new house because of it. Unfortunately, Kinkade hates everything that is a Kappa, and refuses to acknowledge Jordy as his mate.

Torn between them, Clove has to figure out how to make his family whole before his heart is broken. Can Kinkade get over his issues with Kappas and see his past for what it really was? Or will three individuals fated to be mates with each other end up two separate couples under the same roof?

I have been following the Beyond the Marius Brothers Series since it first came out in 2011. It is one of those that I would consider as pure entertainment. Opening the first book after reading the start of the Marius Brothers Series, I was quite content with the pace of the release of these books as every time one was released, I was guaranteed the entertainment that I craved. I felt that the author took time out to create the Marius world of vampires and its what-nots and gave us a pretty neat entertainment with some mystery and angst on the side.

Although I can honestly admit that Clove Sutherland did not suffer overly, I still felt that somewhere along the way it did. It began well, there were no sudden mating thingies going on other than the usual cry of "mine" and the story did develop as it should.

However, I have been noticing too many public exhibitions lately, and not just from this book nor this author. Sigh, I don't know, but that just about makes the whole book lose its interest for me. For those who like these things, don't mind me.

Truthfully, Joyee Flynn manages to make sure that her readers are on their toes watching out and waiting out for the next installments to come. I know they will come soon. I just hope that more focus is made on the plot and character development rather than on the sexarobics goings on.

Note: If not for the public exhibition, I would have rated this a 4 Stars.

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