Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Club Arrest by D.J. Manly

Club ArrestClub Arrest by D.J. Manly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Confusion on the genre confuses my rating somewhat. All in all a good read, if you like MM/MMM books where one of the characters is left hanging....

In Club Arrest by D.J. Manly, vampire Richard’s membership in the Immortal Police Squad (IPS), along with managing his dance bar called Club Arrest, is his motivation to keep on living. It also doesn’t hurt that his partner, Caleb, is a hunky stripper who just happens to be a werewolf.

But when their beloved handler on the Vegas PD is killed, Richard suspects foul play. And in the sin-drenched city, foul play is everywhere just waiting to ambush them.

Caleb tells Richard not to stress when they are told they have a new handler named Christopher Light, but Richard hasn’t had a lot of luck in the past with handlers. When Christopher turns out not to be a stranger after all, but someone with whom Richard once had a hot night of sex, Richard suspects he and Caleb are being set up.

For these immortals, mobsters and vampires make life complicated in the city of Vegas, not to mention playing fun sex games and maybe even falling in love...

This is a typical short read novella where the background story is clipped to a fault and the character and plot development suffers a bit. The good thing here is that Manly is an experienced writer, so where others may botch up their story and leave people wondering where and what in heck this was going to or from, he manages to make it flawless and entertaining; .espite the pitfalls that authors can get trapped in with such limited number of words.

There is one thing that bothers me:the genre. Is this an MMM or is this an MM? This book sort of blends both. But as its the two MCs who focus on each other at the end, I am guessing it's an MM. Poor Christopher - where does that leave him? Will he get his HEA in another book or novella?

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