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Review: Dragon Games by Sage Marlowe

Dragon GamesDragon Games by Sage Marlowe
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It started out good, then somewhere along the way, the story lost its purpose and became something I never expected it to be.

In Dragon Games, the only place where shy and insecure Ash can unleash the beast inside him is the online world of Dragon Games. When he meets Jayden, the attraction feels real, but is there a world for them outside of cyberspace?

Shy and insecure around men, there's only one place where Ash can unleash the beast inside him -- the online world of Dragon Games. It's here that his virtual character enables him to express traits he's normally hesitant to share. When a hunky knight unexpectedly suggest they explore a raunchier kind of role play, Ash is only too happy to lead the way.

Jayden has only recently started exploring the wonders of online intimacy. He is constantly pulled further into a fantasy world where his virtual heart and virginity are soon claimed by an intriguing dragon rebel who enchants him. If only he could convince his cyber lover to meet him in the real world...

Why it did not quite work with me...

I am used to books that make me enjoy reading them but then I also demand to have the story work. This means I like the elements of plot and character developments to actually happen and even if there is no sex, I really don't mind. In fact, I won't mind at all, just so long as I get a good story that I will enjoy. I don't even mind erotica books which sole contents are just that, erotic scenes.

I expected more actually. Maybe I am just being picky or my expectations were too high. It's just that I could not resist the plot the way it was written as a blurb. It sounded like a really fun read.

What I got instead was this: around 35% content that satisfied me. The rest was cyber-sex, more sex, some more sex, an almost tragedy, then THE END!

This was definitely not the best book written by Sage Marlowe, but this does not make me stop reading her books seeing that from past readings, she had made me laugh and enjoy.

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