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Review: Elian by Vicktor Alexander

ElianElian by Vicktor Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun read, Elian may not be a literary work of art, but it does fulfill its promise of entertainment and successfully gives readers an all around good feeling.

In this first book of The Marriage Groups Series, Elian Glinkobia is the youngest son of his family. Born on the planet, Kardalusia, he is the only breeder, the only coração, born to a family full of Kartusian warriors and soldiers. He was born with no other purpose than to be the coração of a marriage group, there to serve them in every manner that they needed. Or so he thinks. Attending his final marriage soiree, Elian believes that he will not be picked by any marriage group and is destined to live his life alone, or as a prostitute. He is beyond shocked to find out that he was chosen by the royal marriage group the year before. He is to be the coração, the heart, of the three kings, Nevin, Corbin, and Gaige.

However, things are not always as easy as they seem. Before Elian can even settle into his position as The Royal Coração, someone attempts to murder him. Placed under lock and key in the palace by his husbands, Elian begins to discover that the gods of the Kartusians gifted him with a lot more than he could have ever expected.

Will Elian's special gifts come in handy when he needs them to save his husbands and their people, or was everyone right about his worthlessness?

A word of warning, this series contain male pregnancy and some Biblical references with a twist. So, for those who have strong religious beliefs and ideals, this may not be the best book for you.

On that note, Elian is set in the fictional world of Kardalusia where marriage groups of four men are the norm as a result of the machinations of their god Andalusia after he had destroyed the Earth cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The prophecy of female Kartusian children to be born out of the union of four prophesied males after centuries had passed has given rise to a fanatical and violent opposition. Elian, the prophesied coração, or bearer of children, finds his life in constant danger. Only his three husbands can protect him.

Or so they thought.

Elian, instead, becomes the hand of Andalusia. He finds himself to be more powerful than anyone ever seen, dreamed or thought. However, Andalusia's possession of Elian leaves him exhausted and losing some memories. As he answered when asked how he felt whenever he was possessed, he felt powerful and yet so helpless. It was like he was just a tool that Andalusia used.

And this is exactly why Elian is so powerful. As their god's tool, he finds himself doing things and perceiving things in a whole different manner. This is the reason why Elian is a difficult character to understand.

I have read through some of the reviews and have noticed that many could not appreciate the lack of character development. I must confess that their opinion was right on target and yet I find myself also understanding the fact that Vicktor Alexander wrote Elian as someone who did not really know who or what he was. As he was only taught the rudiments of being a coração, Elian could do nothing else but speculate about himself.

I think that Elian or Andalusia will finally reveal all in the next installments. Or I think they will?

I see that this book is considered the first book, so I must speculate that there are more books to follow that will finally shed light on the mystery that is Elian.

I loved the ending. Elian's thanking his god for all of his mercies and blessings was a fitting tribute to the world's loving and present god.

This was an entertaining read and I cannot wait for the next installments.

Other books in the series include Steamy, Tabansi's story.

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