Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg

Every Move He MakesEvery Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why anyone would dislike this blows my mind! Every Move He Makes is one of those thriller books that can flit from one genre to the next. This could very well be made into a great movie.

I totally loved the writing style of Barbara Elsborg. I had to put down the book to make a bucket of popcorn to continue enjoying myself. Reading this was like watching a movie in my mind and I kept imagining which actor would best fit Logan.

Every Move He Makes is about MI6 agent Logan whose undercover job was to protect Russian cross-over artist Zak Kochenkov. Logan knows from day one that keeping an eye on his charge isn’t easy. Keeping his hands off? Impossible…

It took attending his own funeral to force Logan to accept a new life as an undercover MI6 agent. That doesn’t make his latest assignment any less aggravating. Babysitting a Russian pop star with delusions that someone’s trying to kill him.

Other than an inexplicable attraction Logan ruthlessly suppresses, he couldn’t have less in common with the irritating, arrogant rich kid. He’s even prepared to walk away—until very real bullets start flying.

After his mother’s death, Zak Kochenkov’s life unravels in an impenetrable haze of grief, drugs and alcohol—until one bodyguard candidate stands out. Except his hopes of having some fun with that guard’s body evaporate when he realizes Logan is buttoned up tighter than a clam.

The first thing Logan learns is that his charge won’t do as he’s told. And there’s some secret behind his haunted eyes that shakes Logan’s resolve to keep him at arm’s length. Because he knows if he lets passion close his eyes, that’s when danger will find them both…

Although Every Move He Makes is labelled as an MM contemporary romance, for those who have not picked this up yet, add the following shelves: mystery, suspense and action-packed thriller.

This is not a fast paced story, no. Instead it gradually lulls the readers to believing that this is just one of those to easy-read-promptly-forget books, but then it builds up to an incredible action-filled story with an equally action-packed climax, catching the readers unawares.

After I saw that ~♥ Elle ♥~ had recommended this, I knew that here was my chance to get past the abyss I was trapped in - a trap of lousy reads. Thank you ~♥ Elle ♥~ for this recommendation, and although I could not give it more than a 4 stars, this is definitely one that I would also like to recommend to others out there.

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