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Review: Fennel And Forgiveness by Ari McKay

Fennel and ForgivenessFennel and Forgiveness by Ari McKay
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Oh dear......

Fennel and Forgiveness by Ari McKay  is about a second take on the love story between Darius Cooper, Maitre d’ of upscale Montgomery House and Max, a director of a TV reality thingy show.

It all began when Darius, or Dare, isn’t entirely pleased when owner Rhys Montgomery decides to allow the Gourmet Network to use the restaurant for an episode of a reality show. But if he thought that was bad, discovering the show’s director is his former lover, Max Boyd, is nearly catastrophic. Max is the only man Dare has ever loved, and he’s spent seven years fruitlessly trying to erase Max from his mind and heart.

Max was young and immature when he and Dare were together, but now he’s a different man, and ready to settle down into the kind of relationship he wasn’t prepared for back then. He’s never found anyone else who affects him the way Dare does, and he wants Dare back in his life, but the only problem is Dare isn’t the forgiving sort. Between dealing with bridezillas and Executive Chef Stephen Pierce, Max has his hands full. Fortunately he has a ninja-Cupid in the form of Stephen’s PA Robert Logan on his side – but Max still isn’t certain if Dare will forgive him, or if he’s blown his only chance at true love after all.

Okay, I know some of you are wondering where the spice "fennel" comes into the title. There are some who closely associated the fennel to forgiveness. Then again, fennel is also closely associated to procrastination which is considered a downfall. Combine these two and you get the meaning behind the title.

Max's procrastination to a committed relationship with Dare seven years before had been the cause of their breakup. His procrastination caused Dare to assume the worst and finally just give up and move on with his life. Seven years later, Max sees Dare once more and wants his forgiveness and this time he wants the commitment demanded previously.

This all sounds like a really good plot, right? So why did I rate this a 2 stars?

Well, I was quite excited to pick up this book after reading the blurb. It all started well enough and the story plodded along steadily with the plot slowly evolving and the character development going on steadily. There were even amusing incidents like that between Chef Stephen and the bridezilla, there was the establishment of a teaser soon-to-be-approved new reality show for said Chef, and even the unfolding of the re-romance of Max and Dare was kind of morantically cheesy.

Next page I turn, Dare has a miraculous epiphany to forgive Max, they have sex, then Max proposes complete with platinum ring, Dare is happy, they plan to live happily ever after ..............END

That's it.


Ai ya yai!

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