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Review: If You Run From Me (Winterfield #4) by Edward Kendrick

If You Run From Me (Winterfield, #4)If You Run From Me by Edward Kendrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Written in the style of Hemmingway's The Killers, If You Run From Me may be short and incomplete but is complete and totally satisfying.

If You Run From Me book 4 of the Winterfield Series, we see Grady Marlow,  with the combined efforts of his father, Leland, private detective Megan Arthur, and perhaps Leland's missing partner, Randolph, to stop a mad man from killing again.

Grady Marlow and his father, Leland, pediatric doctors, seem to have it all, despite the fact that Randolph Marlow, Leland's partner and Grady's other father, has vanished from their lives. When they hire a new receptionist, Jeremy Audley, he convinces Grady to become the on-call doctor at a local shelter for street kids.

Then, someone starts stalking Grady and Leland. Randolph is the only person who knows who the man is, and he's on the run from the stalker. Now he may be drawn back to the city to save the family he loves before the man destroys them.

It will take the combined efforts of all the Marlows and private detective Megan Arthur, to stop a mad man from killing again.

I saw this and read "pediatrics." Of course, I am never one to miss out on a great doctor romance story, right? Well, consider me wrong and in need of more lenses, I read it wrong. It's not a doctor romance story.

If You Run From Me is a murder-mystery-thriller that may read as a novella with no beginning and no apparent ending. It is not an HEA, it is more like a HFN with HEA undertones.

Some MM purists, which I am not (swear!), may not appreciate an MM book that contains MF romantic scenes. Many would even swear off this book totally for its ZERO erotic scenes.

For myself, who goes by my signature plot and character development as well as the background elements, it can be difficult to appreciate a seemingly coming out of nowhere book.

All the while I was reading this, I found myself recalling how The Killers read and I could see a lot of parallels in the writing style. There is no beginning, there is a background story but was incomplete, there was the total lack of erotic scenes (Thank You!)and yet at the end of the story, I was left smiling and satisfied that the story was complete.

I know, I know. Many would disagree, but then again, I never professed my head to be stuck in the oven and trapped in the conventional. I smile as I write this, I just found my copy of The Killers my grandmother gave me(emphasis on the word: copy).

Was I entertained? Yes.
Was I satisfied with the book? Yes.
Was this worthy of a Pulitzer Prize? No.

Who cares? I just liked the way it read: fun, suspense-filled, entertaining and romantic. I mean, Lee and Randolph got back together again! Yeah!

And oh yes! It was nice reading Ezra and Gabrielle once more.

As for Grady and Megan, they were sweet as Candy Crush.

It's a great installment to the Winterfield Series.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains both MF and MM romantic scenes. There is no smut, there is no erotica. BEWARE!

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