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Review: Keaton's Lesson (Brac Village #6) by Lynn Hagen

Keaton's Lesson (Brac Village #6)Keaton's Lesson by Lynn Hagen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Initial Reaction: Great Brac Village Series installment.
Follow Up Reaction: Research!

First, the blurb....

Keaton Richards owns Jammin' Juice Hut. His life is simple, worry-free, and he loves owning his own business. But when events start unfolding after a mysterious stranger shows up at his shop, Keaton begins to question not only his sanity, but if he should pursue the edgy and secretive man he finds himself enthralled with.

Kade Marshall served fifteen years in prison for two crimes—one he committed and one he had nothing to do with. The only thing he wants to do is put his past behind him and start living again. But when feelings of doubt and depression start to creep in, Kade isn’t so sure coming home to Brac Village was the smartest thing for him.

In Keaton’s plight to save Kade, he teaches the man the meaning of life, love, and how to live once again. But will that be enough or will Kade walk away from Keaton, feeling that his mate deserves so much better than an ex-con?

My thoughts.....

Two things kept bugging me: styre mente and Kade himself. So I made the effort to search these two things out and I came up with these results.

First: The paranormal term styre mente first came out in the Chapter 2 of the book Zeus' Pack #9: Rave. Here is an excerpt:

Note: The discussion is about Logan Albinster, who turns out to be one of Rave's mates.
“He’s a styre mente.”
Everyone looked at Max, confused.
Max growled. “Does no one read about preternatural creatures around here? The ancient scrolls aren’t easy to come by, but you can read them.”
“Okay, so we’re uneducated backwoods wolves. Sue us, Doc. Just tell us what the hell a styre mente is.” Rave wanted to get out of there.
They were having wings at Theo’s, all you can eat for five bucks. That was one hell of a deal, and Rave just happened to have five
bucks in his pocket. He was pretty damn bitchy, and hungry as hell.
“They are very rare,” Max continued as if Rave hadn’t had his
little outburst. “Only one in two hundred million are born. He can control minds, literally.” The excitement and dread mingled in Max’s voice, as if he discovered UFOs really existed. He might be just as excited, if he knew what the hell Max was talking about.
“I’m still not getting it, Max,” Zeus said.
“I don’t think he knows what he is yet. Logan didn’t seem conscious of the fact that he can control minds. I asked him to stay, he refused, and I let him leave. Normally that wouldn’t have happened. If he’s left on his own, he could cause some serious damage. From his blood work, he has great potential to have TMC.”
It was like dancing around the obvious that was just out of reach. Rave was starting to put the pieces together, but Max wasn’t giving them the whole story. Not all at once at least.
“Total mind control,” Max supplied. “Logan, when he realizes who he is, will be able to push himself into your mind, control it, and control whoever he wishes. And if he decides to become malevolent, he could also mind rape a person. That means he can tear down your mind and rebuild it as whatever he wishes it to be. Styre mentes are extremely dangerous and rare.”

This should explain or define who or what the minor character Kevin is.

Second: As for Kade himself, I know I read in one of the books that Maverick was talking to a man who owned a woodcraft shop where he had placed orders for Menolee's child. I still cannot find it, but I know I read it. So even if the character of Kade is not named in the other books, this may not be the first time we encountered this guy.

Why do these two things bother me?

1. Styre mente sort of threw me on a loop and as it was not defined in this book, it could throw others off too. Good thing I have read all of the stories of Lynn Hagen so my memory did not fail me.

2. Knowing that Kade character may have already been mentioned in the previous books drove me crazy for it sort of confused the time line of the Brac Village story for me.

Please note that if I have made a mistake or mistook one other character, I am open for corrections. However, I know I am right about styre mente.

Now, for the story itself, it was okay and I was happy that Keaton turned out to be a pushy guy who stabilized Kade - especially when he lectured him about smoking, not that smoking can do much damage to these shifters. I also liked the end where Ahm gives birth to his daughter. Although the medical side of me still cannot wrap itself around how two men can produce a daughter????

Anyways, all in all it was a pretty good read and is a great installment to the Brac Village Series.

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