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Review: Something Rich and Strange by Helen Louise Caroll

Something Rich and StrangeSomething Rich and Strange by Helen Louise Caroll
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This was definitely, Something Strange......

Even a god can be afraid...

Maxfield Stanton has a secret. He’s not just the swim instructor at the YMCA. He’s actually Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas and earthquakes.

And as Poseidon, he also has a secret. He’s going to die. Just as the other Olympians have, he’s going to cease to exist. And tonight, he wants one last fling before he disappears.

Greg Turner isn’t the traditional dream man. He’s quiet, shy, and has a little pot-belly and love handles. But he’s there when Poseidon needs him, and now the god of earthquakes is about to find his world rocked.

I read the blurb and was quite excited by the premise. Reading it though? Not only did I flit through the pages, but the gods of Olympus take did not quite mesh with the story.

This is a short read, a very short read, so I am aware that the authors are limited to a certain number of words. There are some authors who can successfully take a grip of their stories and make them work.

Unfortunately for this one, it did not quite work out.

I have read and studied numerous Greek gods myths and stories since I was way high, and maybe the fault is on my end when I kept falling back on that stock knowledge. I have to admit that I can be very unforgiving about some things, this being one of them.

Poseidon - as a man or god - was one of the most compassionate and yet most unforgiving of the gods. Him being limited to this caricature of a character such as Maxfield Stanton was very disappointing. Knowing this god's character ............ I don't think so!

I will make one concession though: this is a fictional read with a take on the Greek myths and gods. If other readers can get past the caricature nature of the MC, and my melodramatic reaction, go for it. It is a short read meant to entertain.

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