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Review: Soul Mate by Shawn Bailey

Soul MateSoul Mate by Shawn Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Am I the only one who really liked this one? I laughed hard, found it ridiculous, but smiling muscles are on extreme workout. It entertained me a lot and that's what is important.

When I first read this blurb, half-way through it, I was already giggling. Here it is....

Edna Murphy places a personal ad to find her son, Jovan, a mate. He rarely dates anyone, spending his time working or fishing with friends. Gemma Costas answers, hoping to hook her son Galen up with a nice young man.

Edna Murphy places a personal ad to find her son, Jovan, a mate. He spends most of his time working or fishing with friends and rarely goes out on a date. She wants him to find someone nice and settle down.

Galen Costas drives his mother crazy. He cooks dinner three times a week, does the grocery shopping, and cleans and arranges the furniture. And he doesn't even live in the same house. Gemma thinks he needs a life and takes matters into her own hands by answering a lonely heart ad.

Jovan and Galen click the moment they meet. But their match made in heaven could be ruined by a man from Galen's past.

I see that many found this ridiculous but fun to read.

I say that it is its ridiculousness that makes it one of the funner reads I have had in a long time.

Soul Mate, the story of Galen and Jovan, reminds me of the movie Failure To Launch without SJP in it.

Galen has been successfully launched but due to his obsessive compulsive hyperactivity disorder, he refuses to stay launched and instead becomes a mother's worst or best nightmare: refusing to let go of his parents by cooking and cleaning and supporting and every other thing he can think of.

Jovan is the one who literally failed in any launching. He hides behind his logic that his aging parents may need him any time so he refused to get his own place so he can be near them - just in case.

The two meet, the two click, they have sex, they meet friends, Jovan gets to meet the ex who refuses to be an ex, and then the usual flaming behavior of Galen who nearly meets tragedy and all that jazz.

Truly, this book does not merit a literary award, but I have to give it a four stars for I Do Really Like It! It made me laugh, it made me giggle and its ridiculousness can be best described as quintuple layered lasagna in its cheesiness, but who cares!

It did exactly what it set out to do: entertain.

So go! Have a fun time and read it. Purchase Link

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