Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Super Gay by Vicktor Alexander

Super GaySuper Gay by Vicktor Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super Gay is Super Fun, Not Too Short, and Super Cheesy. For a Free Read? This is better than most expensive ones out there.

Okay, so I saw this in Vicktor Alexander's page where it says that this was a Free Read. Who can resist a free read? Come on, its Free.

Does it mean it would be good? No.

Does it mean it would be great? No.

Does it mean it would be a waste of time? Most times, Yes.

So where does Super Gay come in? It goes to my Favorites list and will most likely be read time and time again, especially when I want to exercise my smiling muscles.

So yes, Super Gay is starts off with William “Will” Ladler showing up at the Radisson Hotel for the wedding of his best friend’s younger brother. He’s surprised to see the gorgeous, effeminate young man he’d danced with the night before at a club, standing at the altar dressed in a tuxedo as a member of the wedding party. Will watches as the younger man’s long auburn hair blows in the wind, missing the entire ceremony. He’s determined to not only find out the younger man’s name but to get his number and ask him out on a date, which is what he’d wanted to do the night before.

Derrick “Rick” Tramun is beyond shocked to see the gorgeous Will Ladler at his older brother’s wedding. Their night was cut short by a fight and Rick’s overprotective friends, who were determined to make sure that he makes it home by his curfew. After dancing with Will the night before and jacking off to the memory of it before bed, Rick is more than happy to take Will up on his offer for dinner, much to his family’s horror and against their objections. His family has always been super supportive of his lifestyle, so why were they so against his dating Will?

But when Will sees exactly how flamboyant and effeminate Rick is and Rick finds out exactly how much Will can “pass” as a heterosexual man, will the two of them be able to make a go of their relationship or is Rick too “super gay” for straight laced Will?

So basically, Super Gay means someone who is flamboyant, Queenie, flashy, out and loud Gay, effeminate, and all that jazz. These are the types of gays I am used to. Here in my country? These are the norms and those who are in the SAG crowd are the deviants. It is a fact that in my country? Those who are all so out and proud and loudly gay are the most looked up to. Don't ask me why. It's just the way it is. So all the angst William goes through is sort of duh IMO, but I know where this is coming from.

The blurb basically tells the whole story, so all one needs to do is read the 15,883 words and just have a fun time reading. It is short enough that it can be read in an hour, or less, but it is not something that will be relegated to the trash bin where most of my freebies usually go.

For those of you who love HEAs, fairy tales, short reads, cheesy/corny sweet and free books, Super Gay is Super Great Fun To Read!

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