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Review: Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander

Texas PrideTexas Pride by Kindle Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Texas Pride is a well thought out novel with just the right amount of angst, insecurity, intrigue and romance to make for a perfect read.

In Texas Pride, mega movie star and two time Academy Award winner, Austin Grainger voluntarily gives up his dazzling film career, making his adoring fan base think he’d lost his mind. For Austin, the seclusion of fifteen hundred acres in the middle of Texas sounds like paradise. No more cameras, paparazzi, or overzealous media to hound him every day and night. Little did the sexiest man alive know when one door closes, another usually opens. And Austin’s opened by way of a sexy, hot ranch owner right next door.

Kitt Kelly wasn’t your average rancher. He’s young, well educated and has hidden his sexuality for most of his life. When his long time wet dream materializes as his a new neighbor it threatens everything he holds dear. No way the ranching community would ever accept him if he came out. With every part of his life riding on the edge, can Kitt risk it all for a chance at love or will responsibility to his family heritage cost him his one chance at happiness?

Wow! I thought a story about two closeted cowboys would be like all those other books about closeted cowboys.  As I love cowboy books of any kind, I wonder how I could have missed this one totally when all this time I had it in my kindle. It had to take reading Up In Arms to remind me that I was missing out on a great author.

Now, there are cowboy books about closeted men galore out there and frankly, there are times when I really sigh in frustration because every time I pick up one I would just see two types: first, those which are over rated but lacking in content; and second, well rated and written by talented authors who know what they are writing about and succeed in creating a great story.

I am so happy to have read that Kindle Alexander belongs to the second category.

Now, this book is lengthy, I can tell everyone that right off. However, I really did not mind the length as it was important to get the story across. Thank goodness the author did not mince words or fall back on the usual short cuts or, good grief, fill it with so much sex scenes to fill the page. Ms. Alexander, instead, decided to take the long route and allowed the story get itself told in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Although this reminded me a bit of Brokeback Mountain, there is none of the OA (over-acting), angst-ridden main characters, there is none of the sudden epiphanies that comes out of nowhere with no basis, even the antagonist had his reasons and only at the end will the readers find out what those are. This has an HEA ending so no tragedies here, again thank goodness. Need I add that there was just the right amount of scenes that should satisfy those who demand of them?

In short, this story is not rushed. It is a great cowboy romance story mixed with the lies that Hollywood tries to make us believe in. It was written with all the patience of a cowboy chewing his tobacco while his horse is grazing lazily beneath him as he watches over his herd. Simple as that. The contents addressed every single situation that may pop up and it also addresses the dreaded and hated paparazzi who do not seem to have a life except to cause misery to others and make money out of them. I recommend this for all those cowboy lovers out there who want their reads to count.

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