Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Truth Or Lie by Lynn Lorenz

Truth Or LieTruth Or Lie by Lynn Lorenz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Short and sweet, truth or lie. Nice story, great lessons, nice HEA read.

In Truth Or Lie, Lynn Lorenz brings us Travis Conners, a firefighter who barely made it through high school. Why would Anthony Pappas, an adorable second grade teacher, be interested in him? Travis is willing to find out, if Anthony will give him a chance.

Being descended from a goddess, Anthony Pappas possesses a unique gift—he can tell when people are lying. Sounds good, until your boyfriends all end up lying to you. Anthony's tired of it. It's easier not to get involved than to have your heart broken time and time again.

When a little redheaded boy brings the men together, these two heroes will have to find the courage to take a leap of faith and follow their hearts...

The blurb is no real indication on how good a read this is. It tackles such a sensitive topic as lying. It even tackles two other sensitive topics like learning disabilities and acceptance. Ms. Lorenz did this very well indeed.

I liked how the story went: simple and not angst-ridden (plagued). I also  liked how Anthony totally misunderstood the attention of one other teacher - seeing as he was supposedly god-descended and all, he missed out on it completely.

The on thing that disappointed me and prevented me from going for the 4 stars is that Anthony's god-like superpowers and descent were not addressed completely. I felt that the author's approach was lacking? I also felt that somehow, this issue was like an afterthought? I feel that without this one thing, without this god-ness thingy? the book would have been better off. If the author added a tad more of this supernaturality, even, it would have much improved the book.

Other than this: I would recommend this read. Don't focus on the 3 stars, please. This is a great short read and I do recommend it.

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