Friday, May 3, 2013

What You Do To Me (Breathe, #1.5) by Sloan Parker

What You Do To Me (Breathe, #1.5)What You Do To Me by Sloan Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the perfect epilogue that finally closes Breathe and gives those who loved Linc and Jay the HEA they were waiting for.

The Blurb:

Not many people in their small town are likely to understand how a widower can be with the man who accidentally killed his wife. Good thing what Jay wants—and deserves—is all that matters to Lincoln. Despite all the threats and anger and gunshots aimed at them over the past few months, they are determined to continue exploring the undeniable passion between them and build a new life together.

Jay and Lincoln’s happily-ever-after is showcased in this epilogue to the novel BREATHE.

I fully expected to be disappointed with this one, what after reading Breathe and loving it so much only to be left hanging at the end. I love my HEAs and getting an HFN instead sort of rocked me for a bit.

What You Do To Me by Sloan Parker satisfied my need for an HEA ending for these two characters who, despite all odds, found love. This one gave my smile muscles a workout, something which Breathe failed to do.

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