Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fantasy Encounter with a Dom by Suzy Ayers

Fantasy Encounter with a Dom
by Suzy Ayers
4 out of 5 stars

This is one sexy read! When a housewife and mother realizes that she can only be satisfied in a D/s relationship, she first asks her husband to oblige her. Frustrated that he can't, she goes online and asks a blogger-submissive for help. When her Dom says yes, the fun and games begin. 

Keira and Tim are a typical 2-kid couple, with job problems and the stresses of everyday life. A difficult pregnancy and recovery has brought their sex life to a standstill and Keira is itching to get it back the way it was. They both realize a submissive lifestyle is what she needs but Tim has no idea how to be a Dom, hurting and frustrating her more. Desperate, she emails Carrie, her submissive writer friend for help. An online tutoring begins with Master Jarred as director. It culminates with a month long trip to the UK for hands-on training for Tim and Keira. 

Jarred and Carrie take their request seriously and teach them all aspects of a D/s relationship. The major lesson they relearn is to place each other first in all things then and only then can they thrive as a couple again. 

This is such a raw story with all of Keira's insecurities and fears put on display! They need a couple to train them both since Tim has no idea what to watch for and how to guide her body as a Dom. 

Carrie is such a loveable character and a wonderful guide to the two of them, reassuring Keira (and Tim!) on their new path to romance. And Jarred is ... hot. 

Two thumbs and a flogger up! Whew!

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