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“Filled with pop-culture references and even featuring a cameo by Justin Bieber, this fast-paced mystery keeps its tension from beginning to end.
Estella is a spot-on combination of sass and teenage vulnerability…reality-show lovers and haters alike will enjoy the behind-the-scenes perspective.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Alison Gaylin’s mind-bending teen novel!”
—New York Magazine Approval Matrix

Reality Ends Here

REALITY ENDS HERE (Pocket Star; June 11, 2013; $4.99) is a Young Adult EBook original from Edgar Award-nominated author Alison Gaylin.  It is the story of a teenage girl who, along with her sextuplet siblings, stars in the country’s hottest reality television show, “Seven is Heaven.”  On Christmas day her life is turned upside down by a stalker who thinks he knows secrets about her long-dead father, including the possibility that he may not be dead.  Readers will follow the heroine of the story, a teenage reality TV star, and get a “look behind the camera” into the turbulent world such figures endure.  For the heroine, who must navigate a notorious paparazzo, malicious producers, a pop star crush, and her sextuplet siblings in order to find the truth about her long-presumed dead father, the chaos is challenging but does not stop her.  REALITY ENDS HERE will keep readers glued from scene to scene, page after page, alongside the heroine—delighting in every step of her pursuit to uncover the truth.

Alison Gaylin

About the author:

Alison Gaylin is a journalist and the author of five novels: the Edgar Award nominated Hide Your Eyes, and You Kill Me, Trashed, Heartless, and the USA Today bestseller And She Was.  REALITY ENDS HERE is her first YA novel, and the first in a projected series.


Reality Ends HereReality Ends Here by Alison Gaylin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brilliantly written from the point of view of a teenager trapped in a world of the lies of Hollywood and reality TV with sextuplets for siblings. Hilarious, ridiculous, and totally mind-boggling. Bieber aside.

Reality Ends Here is a fitting title for a book where a reality TV show is viewed by millions who know, accept and deny that anything on TV produced by Hollywood and labeled as "reality" is anything but.

That said, Estella is a typical teenager in the middle of a mid-life-teenager-crisis. She is caught between a body of a siren, a ridiculous but oh-so-real jerk of a boyfriend, and a family that - well -  lives together literally under the microscopic camera lens for the whole world to witness. Is this really something we want to read about?

Definitely this book is something to talk about. It is curious how so many millions around the world can get so engrossed in the life of celebrities thru the lens of a camera. Of course, they know that everything is a lie, but who cares? Its reality! Right? Therefore, those who like these types of shows (and Bieber) would love this book, and those who don't care for them will love to hate this book. In short, it is simply a must that everyone should read this as this is reality. Right?

Reality Ends Here is a book I love to hate but could not stop reading. Yes, there are all the teenaged angsts, the pop-culture, etcetera etcetera etcetera. Did I love it?

Definitely Not! I hated it! BUT I JUST KEPT ON READING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For that reaction alone, I say: brilliant Ms. Gaylin, Brilliant!

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