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Review: Children of Forever (Forever 03) by Etienne

Children of Forever (Forever 03)Children of Forever by Etienne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had been waiting a long time for this and I have not been disappointed.

The Children of Forever continues the story of the d’Argenzio family. Reading the title and blurb, one gets the idea that this is going to focus more on the children and not on the adults of this family. What we get instead is a continuing story of Dani and Marco, the two main characters of the Forever Series, Marco's father and his family, and the other members of the family and their associates.

So before even attempting to read this book, it is best to read the first two books. It would also help to read the Avondale Stories Series as four main characters of that series play a huge role in the last third of the story. In particular, we will meet Quentin and Nate of Sleuth LLC: Birds of a Feather (Avondale Stories #4) and Tom and Noah of Love Turns the Page (Avondale Stories #7) and The Performers (Avondale Stories #10).

The Blurb...

Could you handle living forever, knowing you would watch your friends grow old and die? Could you handle loving someone, knowing you would live forever... without them?

When Marco’s immortal father remarried an immortal woman, Marco never expected that their children would develop a supernatural ability: Serafina and Valerius can communicate telepathically. Not only that, but they’re hearing telepathic cries for help from someone they don’t know. Desperate to conceal his family’s secrets, Marco decides to investigate the strength of their abilities by taking Valerius with him on a planned visit to an institution in a distant city.

Soon Valerius reveals that the voice’s owner is Sergio, an adolescent who has been institutionalized for most of his life. Tests reveal a family connection to Marco’s family, so they decide to have Sergio moved to a spot nearer to where they reside—but they aren’t the only ones interested in Sergio’s heritage.

My Thoughts....

There were some disturbing things going on here that do not strike me as ethical or legal.  However, I have to focus on the fact that Marco is trying to desperately keep his family safe. This is a family that is steeped with deep secrets, dates back to the Etruscan times and their evolutionary development had gone on to ridiculously dangerous levels. If I were in a similar fantastical situation, I would do more than what Marco or his family would do. But then again, I am a little bloodthirsty at times so bear with me.

Then there were the children, in particular Val and Ser. The twins were just plain scary. Of course, knowing what they were born with, having to learn to fend for themselves from the crib basically, and having IQ levels that shot through the roof made them even more scary in my opinion. They had the bodies of 9 year olds and the minds of geniuses. Scary!

I have to be honest though, I did see something here that did not mesh with the second book. The history of one character was different from here. Although it did not damage the book or the story in any way, I am a little OC and I saw it. However, it was just a bleep on my radar and was not enough of a bleep to make me lower my rating.

I loved the interaction of Marco and Dani and their three kids. I particulary laughed when the two fathers were making plans behind their kids' backs. It was such a familiar situation I found myself laughing. I also particularly laughed out loud when Marco found himself in an uncomfortable situation and trying to have a conversation with his much younger brother about sexuality. Which brings me to the next item that made me LOVE this book all the more.

This has a ZERO erotic rating, but it does leave a lot of innuendos that titillates the readers leaving them without a doubt that these two men were VERY ACTIVE!

Overall, I am very, very satisfied with this book and I recommend this to all the fans who follow this series. For those who have not read these, its about time.

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