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Review: Cowboy Convenience (Blaecleah Brothers #6) by Stormy Glenn

Cowboy Convenience (Blaecleah Brothers, #6)Cowboy Convenience by Stormy Glenn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Seamus finds his Legends. Yes, plural on the Legend. Good thing Stormy Glenn knows how to cook up a good read for it worked well enough to be a good read.

Seamus Blaecleah enjoyed one explosive kiss with Sheriff John Riley and then the man refused to talk with him. Devastated, Seamus decides to leave the family ranch and find somewhere that the memories of the man he loves don’t haunt his every waking moment.

Yancy Butler is overjoyed when the sexiest Blaecleah brother shows up on his doorstep, looking for a new life. He had given up hope of having anything with the man when he learned that Seamus loved another. Now, Yancy is determined that he will be the man in Seamus’s heart.

Sheriff John Riley will do anything to protect the man he loves, even let Seamus believe he wants nothing to do with him. But if he can discover who is threatening him and all those he cares about, he can bring Seamus home.

When betrayal comes at the hand of someone close to them, Yancy, Seamus, and John have to learn to put their differences aside and work together if they want to stay alive. But in doing so, will they learn to accept each other or will their relationship just be one of convenience?

Who would have ever predicted that author Stormy Glenn would end up writing Seamus with two Legends instead of the usual and humdrum one for a Blacleah brother? I certainly was caught unawares thinking all the time that Seamus would have one of those hohum stories where he gets two fighting for him and still end up with John. Never would I have imagined that John and Yancy would like, shake hands on it and agree to not disagree about keeping young Seamus.

There were two things that bothered me enough to drop the rating from a three stars to a two:

What is this about making Seamus sounding so young? I know he was the youngest, but the tone of the book made it sound like he were 18 or something, not +/-30 years. It made it seem like he had failed to launch or something.

And really? Why say that having two legends was not a first time occurrence in the Blacleah family? If this were true, it should have been mentioned far earlier than this installment, right? With it just appearing out of nowhere sounded more like an excuse for a menage more than anything else.

Oh well, it was still well written, still well done, but not necessarily the best of the lot.

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