Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Living Large (Growing Pains #5) by U.M. Lassiter

Living Large (Growing Pains, #5)Living Large by U.M. Lassiter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Growing Pains 5: Living Large was a complete surprise. I was expecting something fluffy or worse: smutty. Instead, I read this well written installment that was a complete book, albeit just an installment.

I have no background story of the main characters and yet I felt that I knew them from long ago. How is that you may wonder? Well, read it and find that U.M. Lassiter is an author who is able to gain the attention of his readers from page one and get them reading all the way to the last page.

It’s not easy being big enough to have your own zip-code, but it helps if you’re as strong as an ox—or three. Muscle teen titan Alex Johnson not only has to adapt to his new size, but has to cope with finishing his senior year in high school. So far, Alex has managed to keep the school bullies in check, but couldn’t salvage his oldest friendship. Alex is also worried that some of his old developmental problems might be coming back to haunt him and nearly cancels a spring break trip with his hunky boyfriend Ryan, who turns out to be maybe not as mature as Alex thought. Can Alex patch it up with his friend? Can he keep his boyfriend from getting him into any more trouble? Can he really fit into those teeny-tiny swim trunks?

The erotic rating for Living Large is practically ZERO, and yet the lack of erotism or smutty scenes did not affect the romanic heat that was going on between Alex and Ryan. These are two hot men who obviously are very much INTO each other.

I especially loved the way Alex was able to adapt to his size and be as accepting to others staring at him all day long if allowed. He is such a gentle giant! I do wonder though, how he could stand the cruelty of some adults who gape at him and allow children to be just as cruel with their pithy remarks and jokes? Lassiter successfully captured these cruelties and translated them on to the page. It's a great thing that Alex is such a well adjusted young man.

I caught myself laughing out loud too - enjoying the heck out of one scene:  there is gay club cat fight scene where Alex ended up with two arms extended on either side of him, a man dangling from each hand flailing madly like two cats spithing and scratching at the air. That image has managed to get stuck in my mind (unfortunately writing this sentence sort of glued it permanently).

I must confess that I read this without the knowledge it was part of a series. It was unfortunate too that I had this on my to-read and to-review list when my Kindle crashed and I lost my copy. Thanks to a back-up system in my desktop, I was able to finally recover it. The next step for me is to hunt down the rest of this series and recommend it to my friends.

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