Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Mighty Casey by Willa Okati

Mighty CaseyMighty Casey by Willa Okati
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The only thing extroverted Nate loves more than baseball is his quiet, reserved Casey. The feeling's mutual, thanks--but it isn't all fun and games. A wedding planner, Casey's booked solid during the summer months and thanks to a certain poem about the Mudville Nine, cringes at the thought of ball games. Fair's fair--with seven older sisters who redefined “wedding drama”, Nate freezes at the thought of tying the knot. Casey might wish things were different, but he wouldn't trade Nate, his big heart, or his skills between the sheets for a wedding worthy of a Rockefeller.

After losing a strip poker bet, Casey's promised forfeit is spending a full day at a softball tournament. He's sure there's more going on than a simple sports wager and wonders what Nate's up to, but he's curious enough to jump in and commit. And so, finally, is Nate, who's planning a surprise involving an engagement ring and a proposal from the pitcher's mound.

But things don't go quite according to scheme for the odd couple when Nate takes his lover out to the ball game. And who knows what might happen when Casey's called up to bat?

First off, this is a novella where the story (well, 90% of it) happens all in one day. The last 10% is the icing on the cake.

For a novella, Willa Okati has surely made something very enjoyable to read that ended with me once more exercising my goofy smile muscles. It had a great blurb and the story developed very well for such a short piece.

Loved it and both - especially the play of sweet-toothed men. My teeth ached at the thought of all of that sugary sweetness devoured by those men and women while reading this. Literally!

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