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Review: A New Life (Never Again #2) by Edward Kendrick

A New Life (Never Again, #2)A New Life by Edward Kendrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A New Life literally opens as a next chapter to the first book: Never Again. Written in the same style, it takes the readers on Cal's life journey from as a homeless to when he and Joseph are doing all they can do to rebuild New Orleans.

Nine months after Cal Gilbert and Joseph Moncure admit they belong together all seems to be going well between them and with Cal's company, Rebuild. Then Cal is attacked.

While he recovers, he recalls his past and how he ended up living on the streets before he met Joseph. Meanwhile the hunt is on for Cal's attacker. When the man tries again, Joseph saves Cal from certain death.

Now comes the big question--how can Cal come to grips with the loss of self-worth he's feeling because Joseph protected him when he couldn't do so himself? Will he be able to grasp that love in all its permutations is a two-way street and it really is all right to rely on Joseph's strength, just a Joseph relies on his?

In A New Life, whatever unresolved issues left by the first book are answered here. Now we know how Cal came to build Rebuild from scratch, his relationship with a friend who ended up betraying him and nearly cost him everything, we even catch a glimpse of what he had to go through so he could survive the streets.

This book shows the discrepancies between Cal's present life with Joseph from before it. It also answers Joseph's vow of Never Again into his doing everything in his power to guarantee a happy life with Cal.

There are still unresolved issues here, like when Cal's father appears out of the woodworks to find out whatever happened to the son he had, in a sense, betrayed when he stood back and allowed his son to be subjected to so much hurt and rejection. I have a feeling there is a third book coming up along these lines as I, as a reader, would like to find out what comes next.

Again, another great read from Edward Kendrick, A New Life satisfies the unresolved issues of the first book but leaves us wanting for a third.

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