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Review: Politician Won (Thresl Chronicles #3) by Amber Kell

Politician Won (Thresl Chronicles #3)Politician Won by Amber Kell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More like a 3.5 Stars.

I loved the first book, Soldier Mine, didn't particularly like the second one, Prince Claimed due to the too many to count unresolved issues. I must honestly say that reading this third one sort of satisfied my need to find out more about this series.

In Politician Won, we again meet Zander Elios from Soldier Mine. Remember that guy who befriended and helped out Kreslan in the first book when Kreslan first found himself with a Thresl?

Here, we have Zander who only wants his Thresl companion of two or more years to transform into his mate. Little did he know that once the Thresl changed, Zander would be the one who had to make the most adjustments.

Zander had just about given up on his Thresl ever changing forms. After two years, the beast was still in his cat shape with no signs of changing any time soon. When his health becomes precarious and his Thresl shifts to save him, Zander wonders if he was truly meant to be a mate of one of these special shapeshifters.

As part of his new duties as ambassador to the Thresl king, he is sent to investigate the source of the Thresl smuggling. Unfortunately, when things go wrong they go very wrong and Zander’s Thresl, Leo, is kidnapped. It will take all of his love and diplomatic skills to find their way back together.

In this book, we once again meet Vohne and Kreslan, and Saint (from book two). Curiously, although Prince Bleine is mentioned from time to time, he is nowhere to be seen nor heard, neither is his mate.

Where book two left us hanging, this book sort of resolves some of those issues previously mentioned. "Sort of" because most of the issues in book two were still left unresolved. To top it off, we meet Mars who is a sort of seer and Saint realizes that this slave trader is his new mate.

Although I liked this more than book two, I must be honest in my disappointment. More and more issues are popping up and, sigh, I don't know. One thing for sure, curiosity is killing me at the moment so for that alone I will endure the wait for the next installments. Just to move on. I hate cliffhangers and the waiting is killing me.

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