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Review: Saved by Surrender (Marked #04) by Jana Downs

Saved by Surrender (Marked 4)Saved by Surrender by Jana Downs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, I really enjoyed this one! This one has made me decide to continue to follow this series.

Regan Adamson has a secret. As beta for the blackfoot pack, the only thing required of him is acting like a Dominant male. In the world of pack, switching is not an option but when he meets the omega, Titus, his resolve to ignore his need for occasional submission is put to the test.

Titus Oswin is on a mission to rescue a kidnapped group of humans. He never expected to meet his mate in the process. An admitted switch, Titus refused in the past to accept a lover who doesn’t Dominate and submit. But Regan is so deep in the submissive closet that Titus isn’t even sure the instant attraction and growing respect between them is enough for him to take a chance on their relationship.

As troubles within and without the pack arise, Regan will have to decide if being with Titus will be his ultimate downfall or if he will be saved by his surrender.

I really loved this book. However, I must be honest that I was frustratedly chomping through the angst of Regan in the first 40% before I finally got down to the more interesting parts. Titus is one patient Omega here, if it were any other character in this same quandary, he would have just shouted mate and let all else be damned. Well thank heavens he did not and instead led us on to a great story of patience, learning and finally love.

I know many would say that the sexy scenes were not erotic enough, and I know a friend complained that there was not much BDSM in the BDSM scenes, especially those which had to be cut short. Well, I say the scenes were great and not too much to overwhelm the plot and the characters. I notice a lot of authors go down into the scenes too much and find out they have too much text and just suddenly plunk in the expected HEA - leaving readers wondering what in heck happened.

Jana Downs is a great storyteller. She knows when to tickle her readers' imagination and she knows when to stop - leaving her readers satisfied and yet wanting for more. I can't wait for #5.

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