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Review: Sole Support by Kaje Harper

Sole SupportSole Support by Kaje Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some of my friends are probably going to kill me for saying this, but despite all of my whining to them about how slow this was going for me and my feeling bad about some of the things going on here, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!

He can find a use for his lover’s hands…except when he needs help the most.

Kellen is short on cash—at least until his first novel starts to sell—but he has plenty of friends. None of them, unfortunately, share his love of books. For that he turns to IM chats with Mike from his online book group.

Though he manages to coax the shy, socially inept pathologist into a real-time meeting, Kellen has no intention of letting his new friend become more than a casual lover. Shaky finances and ailing mother aside, self-sufficiency is Kellen’s prime directive.

Mike considers himself a nerd of the highest order—short, bespectacled, prone to blurting out the wrong thing at the worst possible time. Meeting Kellen face to face is the biggest risk of his life, and he wonders if they’ll get more body parts together than just their faces.

First meeting leads to first date—first everything for Mike—and soon Kellen’s faced with breaking his just-friends-with-benefits rule. Yet as his elderly mother wanders deeper into senility, Kellen wonders if it’s better to lean on Mike rather than fall.

Why did I rate this book so high?

Definitely it was not because of the rantings of the author regarding some publishers and their scrupples, or lack of.

Definitely it was not because of my feeling bad for making a bad review about some books that were really bad and yet the author(s) felt they deserved a 5. Read the book and find out why I wrote this.


Definitely it is not because I was trying to gain the attention of an author in the hopes I can be a friend.

The high rating is because I realized, by 60% into the book, that I was feeling so many emotions. Kaje Harper just proved to me that she is one awesome writer who can make me feel all the emotions of not only Kellen and Mike, but the emotions of Kellen's mother who knew that her mind was deteriorating.

The story starts from when they are still friends to the time they become lovers and finally partners in life. The time frame is long as well. As their romance evolved, so did life for both of them. Only, at least in Kellen's place, it was turning miserable. How they both get over the misery of life is what made me appreciate this story.

By the end of the book, I found myself loving the story more. The addition of Oz lightened things up successfully, as did some of minor characters who were only introduced around the last third of the book.

I would recommend this, despite all of my warnings. This is not a fluffy story that would leave you with a goofy smile. It can be painful to read at times as there are some things in here that can hit home for many of us readers.

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