Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Tasting Cherry Blossoms (The Year of Hearts #1) by Marie Medina

Tasting Cherry Blossoms (The Year of Hearts, #1)Tasting Cherry Blossoms by Marie Medina
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fluffy, sweet, and the usual formula for a smooth read. Perfect to go to bed with.

Simon has never feared the vampires who rule Valladora, yet he feels stunned and apprehensive when he meets Lord Ettore. The handsome vampire almost immediately declares that Simon is his mate, and though he knows he should feel honored, Simon can’t help resisting something that sounds impossible.

Ettore is overjoyed at finally finding his mate, even if the beautiful young man proves reluctant. Ettore is patient, enjoying the slow seduction despite his desire for Simon to give himself completely and stop holding back. When Simon disappears without a trace, Ettore doesn’t know if he should blame his political enemies or Simon’s reluctance to accept his love.

No matter what, Ettore is going to find Simon and bring him home. He knows their love is meant to be and will not rest until Simon is back in his arms, willingly offering both his blood and his heart.

There are fluffy books and then there are the fluffies that are not worth the time spent reading them. Tasting Cherry Blossoms may be fluff but its a good one to take to bed and sleep dreaming goofy smiles.

Yups! It's a fluff alright, but it has the elements that, although short, were placed in the right areas and done with smoothness it is almost effortless to read this.

So yes, go ahead and read this one if you like your fluff and goofy smiles. I sure did.

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