Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Tyrian's Mist by Venus Moon

Tyrian's MistTyrian's Mist by Venus Moon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The writing style may not be to everyone's taste, but a good fantasy story it is. From someone who just ventured into this genre, this is one heck of a great debut.

A soul divided by race and hate due to his breeding, a bloodline born of angelic purity and driven by his vampire lust for blood, Tyrian is a half breed from a union forbidden and feared. He is rescued as an infrant by a Guardian's guide, Daira, who stows him away safely hidden within a valley hidden from the depravity and misconceptions of man and shrouded by mists. In the valley far from humans and among others of different breeds, Tyrian learns that even in the sanctuary with the Guardians, Fate continues to rule his life.

Jaral, loyal Guardian and warrior of his race, accepts the duty of Tyrian's protection. Only, he crosses the forbidden barrier and falls in love with his ward. Although he fights his attraction and love for his charge, Jaral is unable to withstand the desire Tyrian stirs within him. Desperate to ensure Tyrian remains untainted, he faces his Elders and the punishment he is sure to receive.

As Tyrian’s and Jaral’s lives become perilously entwined only the bond of love and an eternity spent within the mist shrouded valley could keep their world from shattering apart. As Jaral's fate as a Guardian hangs in the balance, danger presents itself in the form of two vampires intent on Tyrian's death. Will Fate intervene and grant them a life in the Mists?

As I was reading Tyrian's Mist, I was brought back to the writing style of fantasy author Raymond Feist. Venus Moon has that same talent. She can turn the descriptive word into something fantastical and make her  readers imagine the world of mists. Although most of this is in narrative form, and I definitely know this would not be for everyone's cup of tea, this is a great story that should not be missed. From the first page opened, my attention was captured.

The narrative style was what this story needed for the characters were deeper than the regular paranormal ones. These were made up of guardians who were all linked to one another, including nature and many of them felt, thought their thoughts to each other and hardly used any spoken words. So having a thought-up conversation going on would have shown up as italicized text around 90% of the book and that would just cause my eyes to cross.

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