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Review: In Search of a Story by Andrew Grey

In Search of a StoryIn Search of a Story by Andrew  Grey
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This is a word that I grew up with, what with my dad always harping on me about it. I thought, as a young girl that this was almost like a dirty word for it meant sacrificing something for the good of the other. It was not only until I reached the ripe old age of 30, more than 15 years ago, that I realized that this was a word that would mean the most to me and my family.


Andrew Grey mentioned this word only once in this book. And yet, I could not help thinking about it as I was reading. In Search of a Story is about relationships and life. A story that shows us that there are just some things in life we have to let go of to continue to live and breathe; that there are just some things in life that cannot be avoided - no matter if we cannot accept they happen; that there are just times in life where we are faced with a decision - a decision to prioritize.

Love or work? Work or love? Family or work? Family or love?

This is a story about two men whose work can get in between their romantic lives, their families and themselves. This is a story that asks the question: what are our priorities?

Should we go for the easy way out and just let go of a love or relationship so we can have an easier time of it? Or do we accept and prioritize?

Cory is a doctor who has had relationships come and go all because of his work and dedication. Brad is a new reporter who must have a story so he could go on working, so relationships have been sacrificed. Things come to a point where both must decide: which course should they pursue: work and money or love and happiness? They meet in an unexpected circumstance and before both know it, they reach a question: what are their priorities?

I had actually readied a box of tissues beside my bed after I picked up this book thinking that I would again fall victim to Andrew Grey's talent of making me weep. In this case, I did not weep - thank you! - but I did remember what these two men went through and I was very happy to read that Grey did an amazing job in capturing what the life of a doctor's partner is and can be like. Including the silences when they get deep into their cases and are there physically but not emotionally or mentally.

Andrew Grey has a talent for coming up with life stories that can make his readers not only enjoy and be entertained with what they are reading, but to get out of it smiling, satisfied and thinking. With In Search of a Story, Grey has again managed to make me think. Fortunately for me, I had gone through a relationship which made me reevaluate my priorities and thankfully I had decided on a course that led me to my own personal happiness.

Again, my thanks to Andrew Grey for creating another beautiful and inspiring story of life and love.

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