Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reivew: The Leopard who Changed his Spots (Wayne County Wolves #6) by Stephani Hecht

The Leopard who Changed his Spots (Wayne County Wolves # 6)
Hey! This one was pretty good despite it being the familiar formula for Wayne County Wolves.

You better watch out. Somebody has pulled Toby’s tail, and he’s one pissed off Leopard.

As an assassin, Leopard shifter Toby has always liked things simple in his life. He takes his jobs, performs them with efficiency, and that’s it. So, the last thing he needs is to find out he has a long-lost brother. Even worse, he doesn’t need a Beagle shifter developing a crazy fixation on him.

Hale has been attracted to Toby since the first moment he saw the Leopard shifter, but Toby has always ignored him. Will Hale win out and get the Leopard of his dreams? Or is he destined for disappointment?

I don't really follow the Wayne County Wolves Series but now and again I fall to  Stephani Hecht to just relax into a short read. This is my way of shedding off a few angsts life throws my way or from books that can bring up some emotions never tapped before.

One thing this author has a talent for is her prolific writing that targets those readers like myself who sometimes NEED some fluff reading. And this is fluffy, but it is a good fluffy read that left me smiling at the end of it.

Now I did notice some resemblance to characters within this series and a few other series Hecht writes. But I don't care. She successfully got me to indulge in a guilty pleasure.

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