Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Crash (Westside Wolf Pack) by Zoe Perdita

My Rating: 4 Stars

I never expected to cry. I did. In happiness and relief.

Crash is about best friends Ben and Axel. Their road trip to self discovery, coming to terms with each other, and the realization of their love for each other. It starts out with Ben Singer, an omega werewolf. He has been in love with his former best friend and the alpha scion of their wolf pack, Axel, from the time they were teenagers. Ben thought they were mates, but the rules of their pack kept them apart.

Axel Cross is a fuck-up. The sexy tattooed wolf threw away his chances of ever becoming pack alpha at seventeen, and Ben has no idea why.

When Axel’s uncle kicks Ben out of their Pittsburgh pack, it’s the chance the omega has been waiting for. Then Axel demands to accompany the smaller wolf. The only problem is Ben wants to run away for good – away from the pack Axel’s uncle decided the omega should join and away from Axel. 

But Axel doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He’s determined to go with Ben, even if the omega doesn’t want him around. 

While desire stirs between Axel and Ben, years of heartache haunt them. Can the alpha and omega let go of their past and the old pack in order to find a bright new future together?

All this happens in just a few days, mostly within the confines of the car on their way to freedom. There are two realities here: Then and Now.

The Now moves into Then and explains the unresolved issues that led to their seven year separation. Although this should read like just another one of those books that keep getting into irritating flashbacks, the reader learns to appreciate the importance of THEN. This is the time when all things unexplained are explained. This spares the readers from having to read a conversation between the two men trying to explain each others' past actions. That would have been more irritating if not downright boring. 

But this is not.

Zoe Perdita managed to create a story that blends the past and the present successfully and this I really appreciated.

The final chapter just before the epilogue was, for me, the most surprising and yet the most fitting scene. I do not want to give any spoilers, so take it at face value. It was simply the best.

As for why I cried? Well, there is a part here that totally broke my heart and the way it was written in so few words and yet so revealing? It was beautiful.

Now why did I rate this a 4 Stars after my gushing? Well, there were some points and text that did irritate me. The words "omega" and "alpha scion" were repeated so many times that by the 50th mention of both, I simply gave up counting. This is the only reason. Nothing else.

Otherwise? This is a Must Read and I recommend this to my fellow MM lovers.

Warning: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

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