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Review: Demon Lovers Boxed Set (Demon Lovers #1-5) by Kate Douglas

Demon Lovers Boxed Set (Demon Lovers, #1-5)
Demon Lovers Boxed Set by Kate Douglas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Kate Douglas captivated the world of erotic romance with her groundbreaking Wolf Tales series, and she continues to push boundaries in this complete set of her Demon Lovers series.

After barely surviving a vicious attack, Addie Logan awakens to find two gorgeous men standing over her bedside. Unsure if they are real or a figment of her imagination, she reaches out and unleashes an erotic hunger like none she's ever known. But these men need more from her than just erotic pleasure. They are demon hunters, and the attack on Addie in the park has made her one of them.

Together the three will forge an erotic and loving relationship while tirelessly fighting the demonic threat to humanity.

This boxed set contains the complete Demon Lovers series, as serialized in Unbalanced, Unbound, Unmasked, Unleashed, and Undaunted.

* Also includes bonus material from Dark Wolf, the first book in the Spirit Wild series, and Dream Unchained, the second book in the Dream Catchers series.

The Demon Lovers series reads light and fluffy, well at least for me. It is erotic but there are some scenes that may not be to the taste of some readers.

From the blurb, one can conclude that this is a menage, or rather an MMF but then it morphs into a an MMMF with the suddenness of a typhoon. Obviously, this turn of events took me by surprise.

Truth is, there were a lot of things that took me by surprise as I kept reading.

Here are just some of the surprises that bothered me:

The books always read that Addie was the reason why Locan and Jett finally found the strength to admit their love for one another. I get it, but where and how did Addie do this? It took me some time to go through all the five books and I never found the actual process. This was a sudden development where no hint or background was given. It was just THERE.

How did Addie know how to recognize Charon? There was nothing in the book other than Azrael implying Charon was the ferryman or boatman in the River Styx. Unless the author was implying that Charon was  the legendary ferryman of the Styx of Greek legends. If so, why not just say so? Then the story could have cohesed better.

There was an implication (again!) in the fifth book that Addie, Locan and Jett felt their circle was finally complete when Azrael joined them as a fourth. Never was this doubt mentioned in any of the books, even in the fifth book itself, until this implication surfaced.

Where and how did Addie conclude that she was in love with Azrael? Again, I got lost for there was a lack in terms of process - the process of how this came to be.  But its good she did.

To recap, this had the promise of a great plot, however, it is sad that the author did not bother to develop both the plot and her characters. I actually found them fascinating and I wanted more out of from what I read.

This is also considered as erotica, unfortunately, I found it ho-hum. I actually fell asleep in the middle of a menage scene. What does that tell you?

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