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Review: Kingfisher (Monsters and Lovers #2) by Sam Makenzi

Kingfisher (Monsters and Lovers, #2)
Kingfisher (Monsters and Lovers #2)
by Sam Makenzi
Published July 13th 2013 by Silver Publishing
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Halcyon dances around the attraction he feels for Derek, a nurse for the local clinic. The thing stopping him from telling Derek how he feels? His alternate identity--Kingfisher--a vampire killer-for-hire and everything that entails.

Halcyon--Hal--dances around the attraction he feels for Derek, a nurse at the local clinic. The one thing stopping him from telling Derek how he feels? Kingfisher, Hal's alternate identity as a vampire killer-for-hire and everything that entails, including his inaction the night Derek's parents were killed and he was horribly wounded. Hal fears the truth will tear them apart.
And it does.
His honesty drives a wedge between them, but when Derek calls Hal for help, he can't refuse. He'll do whatever it takes to make sure Derek won't suffer another loss, even if it means Hal's life will be forfeit.

Oooh, I really liked this one!

Kingfisher is about Hal. Hal is an assassin. He loves Derek, someone whom he could have spared the trauma of losing his family if only... Derek is younger, much, much younger. Well obviously, Hal is not a regular Joe assassin. He is vampire.

Hal fell for Derek a long, long time ago but if had acted on it, things would not have come out right. Being called a pedophile would have complicated matters. So Hal waits it out until Derek matures to be a man. Reading this arc, we all think Hal is the alpha and Derek the sub, right? Wrong. Think the other way around.

Hal is a twinky guy but only on the surface. He is one of the deadliest assassins there is. His one weakness is Derek whom he loves. When he finally acts on his love, their romance blossomed so sweet.

Until the morning after. 

Things go awry, things don't quite make out right and they sort of split for a short while. Derek calls as he needs Hal to help him out of a desperate situation and things fall into place once more. Their love, apparently, conquers all. It helps that Gary is eyeing Hal and Derek just acted the sweet alpha-male and decides to lay claim. Sweetly, too!

Darn it. I really liked Gary, too!

In short, this really short novella is a sweet, sweet romance between a man and his vampire. They both know the consequences their relationship brings as one will live much longer than the other, but it does not matter. Their love had a chance and that was what counted most. 

And no, being an assassin is a given acceptance. Done.

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