Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Stanley's Scent (Burchston Cliff Pack 1) By Lacey Denair

I really wanted to love this and I really thought I could. I could not.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Stanley Vargas is an accountant for the FBI. When he’s enlisted to go on assignment he jumps at the offer, tired of the stogy ordeal of office life. Stanley is a skunk shifter, with mad computer skills. This mission, however, could make his career or get him killed.
Mason Nichols, beta for alpha Andrei Kozlov’s werewolf pack, has reached his limit dealing with the man. After another particularly insane meeting, Mason snaps, challenging Andrei to become Alpha, and soon dispatching the wolf.
When the two men meet and learn they’re mates and that Stanley is an accountant, Mason thinks he has found the help he sorely needs.
His mate accepts his request and the two begin an adventure that gets them and their pack into dire straits with Stanley’s employers, the IRS, Russian Mob, and Columbian cartels.
Will Stanley be forced to do the FBI’s bidding? Or will he finally do... what’s right for his beloved.

What's up with this one?

I usually like Lacey Denair books, as I wanted to give this author a chance to make me laugh and have a great read in the process. I did enjoy it, those parts where the characters actually got to say something. But as I said, I really prefer reading about the plot and character development as it unfolds from the point of view of the characters. Unfortunately, no matter how much I loved this plot and the relationship between Stanley and Mason develop (or try to), having it narrated rather than unfold gradually from their points of views, has only managed to frustrate me no end.

Let me reiterate: This should have been a great plot to develop and it should have done so. It didn't.

Okay, so I admit, I do like reading and listening to stories, but just like any reader of books or listener of radio dramas or even a viewer of daytime television, I like to observe the developments unfold before my eyes or ears. Not narrated to me by a third person voice with no name and such.

I actually finished this book for I really loved the premise and I wanted to know the end of the tale. It is very interesting. I just wish to read about the characters that's all. I really don't want to be narrated to like a little girl.

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