Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Waiting for a Prince ( Island Tales #1) by K.C. Wells

Waiting for a Prince ( Island Tales #1)
by K.C. Wells
Published July 30th 2013 by Island Tales Press
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

When trainee hairdresser Mark sees Sam for the first time in the salon, it’s lust at first sight. Sam is Mark’s living, breathing fantasy guy. He couldn’t be more perfect. Of course, there’s the tiny, insignificant detail that Sam has a girlfriend. Hell….. A chance meeting on Mark’s favourite beach brings the two men together, and Mark finds himself with a new friend. As they spend more time together, Mark grows to see Sam less as an object for his lust and more as someone who just… fits. But falling in love with your new best friend—especially when he’s straight—is bound to bring heartache in the end.

Sam likes Mark. As in, he really likes him. And he’d like to get to know him even better. But Sam has secrets. There are things going on in his life that he can’t bring himself to tell Mark about, because the shame Sam feels is too much to bear, and not something he ever wants to share with another living soul. And if Mark ever finds out how Sam really feels about him, and the fact that he’s lied to him…. Sam can’t take that chance.

Then one drunken night in the pub changes everything….

Oh wow! I never expected this one.

The way I read the blurb, I honestly thought this was another case of closeted-man or even a gay-for-you plot. I liked how the blurb made this sound where Sam and Mark do not start off as sexual partners or something sleazier, instead we have two men who basically befriend each other and get to know one another intimately, sans sex. This was intriguing. I was not expecting a Men-Cry-Too plot.

The last time I read K.C. Wells, it was about a romantic BDSM story so I guess I was expecting the same thing here. Nope, not this one. This is a more sensitive issue, in my opinion, and was all the harder to read as it triggered memories of personal friends who went through the same abuse. 

Domestic violence is something that should never be generalized as something happening between partners, spouses or boy/girl-friend relationships where the (stronger) man is always the abuser. Believe it or not, men can also be abused by their girl-friends or wives who may be tinier than they. And this is exactly what we are looking at here.

Sam is a gentle guy and even if he is older than Mark by three years, I find Mark as the stronger persona here. Mark has had life experiences that gave him the arsenal to help out his Sam while Sam was basically a pampered child who was drowning in a situation he had no idea how to handle. 

These two VERY young men find their romance and because of their friendship and love for each other, turn to support one another in ways they never imagined. It is this strong relationship which I found appealing in this story. Yes, there are some erotic scenes here but again, Ms. Wells writes it gently and with finesse that I found intriguing and fresh all the same time. 

I know this story deals with sensitive issues, and something very different from those I have read so far. Frankly, this is only the third time I have encountered this type of story, the last one being like, hmmm, 20 years ago? Regardless of the sensitive plot, I was so happy that Sam, at the very end, dealt with it and his abuser in the most amazing way: without violence. 

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