Friday, August 2, 2013

No News Means No Internet Connection

There is one thing we rely on, us bloggers and ebook lovers: we all need the internet so we can pretend we are living the good life.

For four days I had no internet connection. Nope, it was not because I forgot to pay the bill. Nope, it's not because of the blackouts that seem to be a constant here in the third world.

Apparently, my network provider decided to make our lives, their clients, better in terms of enjoying an even more reliable and much faster internet services. So without much ado or announcements or even an email, they decide to get on with their work and perform a Preventive Maintenance Upgrade for all of their systems including removing and replacing old routers for new ones.

This sounds great! Fantastic even. Right?

Well, not so fantastic and not so great for this resulted in a four-day no internet connection. Worse, when they finally finish the job? It didn't work my end. So here I was, twiddling my thumbs, calling to ask when and they tell me their connection could not connect with my system. Sigh, one more day, or rather, half of another day passes before someone comes in and fixes the problem.

Well, thanks anyways my dearest and oh-so-hard-working internet provider. I don't notice anything new regarding speed or such, but heck, I got the internet back. And that is what counts.

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