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Review: The Littlest Assassin-Shifters (Assassin/Shifters #18) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

The Littlest Assassin-Shifters (Assassin/Shifters #18)
The Littlest Assassin-Shifters (Assassin/Shifters #18)

by Sandrine Gasq-Dion 
Published August 1st 2013 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

The men of the Skull Blaster unit have spent most of their lives fighting together for a safer world, first in the military and now as an elite team supervised by Homeland Security. Now they have an even more pressing reason to make the world a better place.

Their children are about to be born.

Mateo Esposito grew up in foster homes, alone and cynical, grateful for the day he could be on his own. When fate upset his ordered life with innocent Riley Flynn, he didn't stand a chance against love. Now the soulmates are expecting two bundles of joy.

Sam Waters found new life when he married Dakota Cadotte, the man with eyes like stars. Unaware Dakota was a werewolf when they met, Sam has now embraced the life he's been given with the man he loves. They also are expecting a baby any day now.

When the time comes, the babies enter the world with a roar! Tears and hugs are shared, and life's road takes a definite twist as secrets and surprises are revealed. 

But chaos is nothing new for these men, is it?

This book is part of a series.
WARNING: This book contains material that maybe offensive to some: Violence, graphic language, homosexual relations, adult situations.

The Littlest Assassin-Shifters has one of the more interesting blurbs I have encountered that did not reveal in any way whatever contents could be found inside this book. That said, for those who just want to sit back and relax, read a no-brainer story, and giggle their way throughout, then this is the book to pick up.

There are shape-shifters, there are vampires, there is the weirdest of paranormal activity without going all Warren Files over, and the littlest, cutest, shape-shifters ever written about complete with claws, fangs and mating bites. Yep folks, you have got to read how the cutest mating among the youngest of the tribe that puts Jacob's imprinting on Renesme to shame.

The whole book is fun, sweet, romantic, gory (giving birth is always gory no matter how one glosses over the whole event), and haunting (ghosts galore). However, you readers must be prepared for something different about the whole set up of this one: the whole thing reads like a bunch of Epilogues thought up by the author, shaken and stirred and then dumped onto an ebook format. The read is like one jumbled up afterthoughts and yet, they do mesh together in a weird way. Don't get me wrong about this comment, this is written with all the best intentions, it is just how I saw it. It was a little bit confusing at times for suddenly something pops up and then another and so on and so forth. At the very end of the book is the Finale or (strangely named) Epilogue. You got it folks, this is one huge bundle of Epilogues with a final Epilogue.

This is a no-brainer book but in the best possible way. It was fun and sweet and there were times when I had to reach out for that tissue box I leave on the coffee table for just these unexpectedness (is this even a word?). I totally enjoyed myself with this one despite the fact that this whole set-up goes against my OC for character and plot development. The point is: I loved this book and am most likely going to read it again. 

And again.

And again.

And again.

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